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Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev in Vintage Bikinis of the Day

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev in Vintage Swimsuits

It amazes me that certain players in Hollywood who are known creepers, which for the record is likely every dude in Hollywood, they didn’t get into the movie business to make the most money possible, these are smart Jewish business people, they got into it for ego, to get noticed, to be seen, to be envied, otherwise they’d work behind the scenes somewhere and fuck hot chicks who aren’t models or actresses…

But the one player in Hollywood who I have heard the most stories from slutty girls I know or have met randomly – a guy who does blow off their assholes – sleeps 4 hours a day – is an aggressive fuck and who makes them sign contracts, and likely pays their rent for them to keep their mouths shut….is Seacrest…Julianne Hough’s ex boyfriend..making this mormon in her mormon bikini with her friend Nina Dobrev….in a mormon bikini….a dirty little mormon, even now that she’s married.

Wild times.

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