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Sofia Richie in a Bikini of the Day

Sofia Richie Instagram with Scott

Lionel Richie’s actual daughter -who bangs a 40 year old dude – despite only being 18 – not his clickbait daughter, the adopted one he found in the trash outside one of his concerts in the 80s, who was left there by some crackwhore, making him compelled to make her his own, like a nice guy, only to be forced to deal with some genetically annoying strange kid who mooched off his name years ago, and made a career of her own….can probably do no wrong…because people like their actual kids better than their adopted kids always…

She’s got access to serious bank, but instead of being a positive force in the world, she just travels in luxury with a Kardashian, rocking out on yachts, in bikinis, on private jets, like some obnoxious, over indulgent, cunt who lives a giant carbon footprint, and who likely hates her life, but fucks pretty good thanks to that….

Why why use that evil Kardashian money to do anything but attention seeking on social media and with the paparazzi, just put on that DAMN bikini….and be 18 and a famewhore like all your friends.

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