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Betty and Veronica being Slutty of the Day

Betty and Veronica

Their names are Betty and Veronica and they are on Riverdale, the worst show on TV, brought to you by the geniuses at CW Network, who are smart enough to post it the next day on NETFLIX….so that everyone in the world can get sucked into this garbage, over dramatic, over written, stupidity..

I guess they are in their second or third season by now, and up until recently, they didn’t sexualize the main girls at all, there was no marketing around them, there was no turning them into sex symbols you want to fuck, despite Veronica having no neck and looking like a troll….but they’ve figured they best go back to the basics, what people, not just men respond to, and that’s turn these girls into sexual fetishes….for everyone, make us think they are hot by telling us they are hot…and now…the show will do better and better….because the world is bullshit, totally bullshit…what they tell us and what they do…doesn’t change the fact that we are all human and are drawn to things we think are hot.

Either way, this Entertainment Weekly shoot, totally empowering.

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