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Hailey Baldwin’s Bikini Top and Rough Face of the Day

Hailey Baldwin in a bikini

Hailey Baldwin’s in a bikini to for attention as she clickbaits her way to fame, while the other girls she sucks up to and mooches off of, are out making babies that would be better off being abortions, but that are marketing hooks to keep the family getting paid…she knows her time is almost here.

The most interesting thing about this D-List actors daughter, other than her bikini top pics, is that her D-List dad actor is a business partner of the MYPILLOW.COM guy…another ex drug addict turned Christian, who exploits the church for his own personal gain, in selling pillows on informercials….

And everytime I see her I think “My PILLOW DOT COM”….

That’s how branding, marketing, and product placement works…and really that’s the level of product, you know the NOT QUITE ON QVC, level of MYPILLOW.COM that Hailey should be marketing, but somehow people think she’s important or more important than she is and give her actual jobs promoting things….

Weird….but rich kids when not ugly get ahead.

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