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Josephine Skriver in Lingerie of the Day

Josephine Skriver in Lingerie

Josephine Skriver’s most interesting story, other than the fact that she’s AI, built in a lab paid for by a gay biologist and a lesbian egg to human genetic modification experiment…like making sex doll out of human, making her pretty much the closest thing the world has come to a real life sex doll, or maybe you’d call her a clone, some SINGULARITY shit, some DNA manipulating shit that is, SCI/FI Shit, now in its 20s, a scientific revelation, where the technology is likely far more advanced if Victoria’s secret was to finance a homosexual biologist to help create more models…something they are definitely doing.

The interesting story, is she was a virgin when she was in NEW YORK, and lost it to the guy she’s dating and is now some kind of VALENTINE HERO….in her red lingerie.

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