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Elizabeth Hurley Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Selfie

Old lady Elizabeth Hurley, the bikini entrepreneur thanks to being the bikini model entrepreneur who understood the importance of launching her pussy onto famous rich cock and sticking by it until it got caught fucking a tranny, allowing his success to be her success, that brought her to a place where she could meet other rich guys to mooch off of, and to be desirable for, and to get knocked up by….because rich guys like the pussy that famous guys cheat on with trannies – apparently…..

The aging process is so fucking weird these days….she’s 50 plus, but still putting out the bikini selfies like a college girl trying to make it on social media and it blows my fucking mind…because it’s not overly disgusting to look at…which is terrifying to me and everything I’ve ever known….

I guess posting slutty pics is timeless…and the only hope we can have in this is that she ends up at the old folks home you’re working as a Personal Support Worker at, because it’s the kind of ass you’d want to diaper change, provided she even shits on what must be a liquid diet…


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