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Topless Toni Garrn is at It Again of the Day

Toni Garrn and Alina Baikova topless and bikinis in miami

Toni Garrn and her friends are back in Miami, maybe they live in Miami, I don’t know what these immigrants are up to, but it’s probably not stealing your jobs…you ugly fucks, it’s more likely that they are stealing your eligible men, because it seems like eager babes from other countries who want to be American and live the American dream are far better at seducing rich American men, because I guess American men don’t want American women, because American women are entitled and even if the other women like nice and fancy things, they know their role….while American women think it’s theirs to do what you want with…

I know for one thing, if I was a rich dude on the sugar baby program because I had my heart broken by my one true love and I’m bitter, is that I’d go for an immigrant or series of immigrants who are just happy to be there…while the American woman would just move in and be a pain in the ass while spending your money…and when you’re paying these cunts, directly or indirectly, you don’t want pains in the ass…

Point being, she used to date LEO, was a VS girl, and now does this….whatever this is…on the beach…tits out.

Toni Garrn and Alina Baikova topless and bikinis in miami

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