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Bella Hadid is Ugly of the Day

Bella Hadid in a red and white tight dress pussy flash

Bella Hadid is a lesson in marketing, get her a job at a college teaching a seminar on trolling the world, not that she’s capable of teaching anything, she’s likely a highschool dropout thanks to her mom positioning her as some kind of model that for some miracle the industry has fully embraced, on some Kardashian paved the way for her….

She is not hot, at all, yet everyone wants to work with her, give her jobs, give her money, use her as some icon or representative of a generation of young girls, all while she mangled looking, even with her plastic surgery..

I mean sure, there’s a bit of a titty porn body on a thin frame…with that jacked up face injected face…but that’s not the kind of model I’m into seeing…save that shit for instagram…I like actually compelling looks, compelling people, not just some twat who had a family who wanted this so bad for their egos, who got what they wanted because rich people get what they want, that’s why they are rich…

I mean they couldn’t go through life thinking they made an ugly girl, so make her a model, despite being ugly and the world will see the beauty they see in her…or whatever…

I mean come to your own conclusion, but ask yourself why is this girl making all the fucking money…knowing there is nothing really spectacular to her…it’s lazy, it’s unexciting, uninspiring and just more clickbait in a world of clickbait..

Keep in mind this is her done up, make-up, the best in make-up….and still looks like garbage.

Bella Hadid Ugly Plastic Surgery Face Close Up0

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