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Elizabeth Hurley See Through of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley See Through White Dress showing Panties and Bra

Elizabeth Hurley is almost an interesting specimen…

She’s an old lady who posts selfies of herself, after years of barely existing, which seems to go against nature and science, and makes almost no sense to me….

It’s like she tapped out mid-30s until her 50s, where I guess she decided to be a mom, and is now back at it….cuz she either thinks she’s hot or is trying to find a new rich husband…or maybe it actually markets bathing suits…

You know giving the instagram sluts hope that in 30 years, they will look this good and still be doing what they love as shameless attention whores…she’s like the den mother, the beacon of hope that their wave will never end…and that they can ride it forever, which as most hot chicks know…they can…there will always be a willing pervert willing to look – even if posting half nakedness is pretty sleazy and disgusting..we like sleazy and disgusting.

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