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Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin Dyke it Down in Bikinis of the Day

Bella Hadid Gets her Fuck on With Hailey Baldwin Straddling her In Bikinis in Miami

Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin understand the power of clickbait, they both exist because of it, so of course they are together continuing it.

They are both the bottom wrung of the ladder that was the Jenners and Gigi Hadid, who let these two idiots tag along, and who as they both found the whole clickbait for attention boring, and their face injected faces turned 50 years old, realizing they are rich as fuck and don’t need to run around to event after event for attention, something that I guess is what happens to these cunts before they breakdown and commit suicide….

These two moved in and scooped up all the available jobs, because they know they are still “relelvant” for now…the “it crowd” for now…despite not being compelling or exciting..or even that hot…especially not Bella Hadid…

The weirdest thing in this bikini clickbait, is that Hailey Baldwin is a self proclaimed Jesus loving Christian, yet she’s doing all the tactics a low level satan worshipping heathen would do….you know digging deep as she can to walk that fine line of sex worker and legitimate star.

I am not surprised she’s got a TV show host job, brand deals, that her last name she’s been riding is known and accepted as royalty by America…

I just don’t understand why people care or buy into it…but if this is a preview of the sex tape that will be released in a decade when they are forgotten…I’m into it…even then…mid 30s…looking 50…recovering addicts scissoring..

While for now it’s just “let’s be playful, let’s be pan sexual, let’s be current and free in our scamming”…

And what it comes down to is that their scamming fucking works…

Here’s a bunch of their Miami trip..STAGED PICS….DON’T BELIEVE THEM….STAGED

Bella Hadid Big Tits Hard Nipples in Nude Bikini in Miami Showing her Pussy

Bella Hadid Big Tits Hard Nipples in Nude Bikini in Miami

Here they are Boxing in Bras

Here is Hailey in a see through dress


BONUS – HERE IS ThE GOOD LITTLE CHRISTIAN opening beer with her mouth for Fallon because she’s a fucking liar and understands clickbait..

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