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Lady Gaga Bikini of the Day

Lady Gaga Ass and Tits in Black Bikini

Lady Gaga is being a faggot somewhere…

There is no way that she’s 100 percent woman…and there’s a reason she targeted the gay community as one of their own…and that’s likely because gay guys like “fabulous” things and because gay guys like mainstream pop bullshit and are easily won over…and this loser was able to fucking win..thanks to an ability to sing and play piano and mask that talent with over the top costumes and the weirdest madonna impersonation ever.

She is not hot, so she had to go after people who don’t want your pussy…even if she’s sexualized herself, and we’ve all seen her naked, it hasn’t always been amazing…mainly cuz of that troll face…it looks lik she’s the IRS coming to collect taxes owed..and I don’t really get the appeal…but she’s rich and I don’t need to get it..and I can still look at her in a bikini…which I guess is my innate talent…the ability to look at pussy in bikini and enjoy it even when it’s vile…like this scam…another one using soundwave engineering to manipulate our brains into hearing and memorizing her songs…she’s got us by the brains….and here are her sloppy tits.


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