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Candice Swanepoel Post Pregnancy Bikini of the Day

I guess Candice Swanepoel shat out her second kid, after being chronically pregnant the last few years, thanks to getting addicted to being cummed inside, or family planning, or who the fuck knows, she is rich and it doesn’t matter, she can do what she wants…

Well, she should have waited before getting into a bikini, because a deflated Candice Swanepoel after being stretched the fuck out is disturbing to me.

I do not like breeding. I do find it unnatural even if it is totally natural and why humans exist.

I do get that her genetics and ego are important for her to narcissistically reproduce…

But I do not get dudes who are into moms in bikinis…ever.

I know she will tone up, there’s millions of dollars on the line..but instead of waiting for that moment to impress us all. This is what happened.

You know to set a baseline on how ravaged she is so when the VS fashion show she timed her pregnancy rolls around…she’ll befit and we can all say “OMG look at the improvement”…still awful….


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