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Rita Ora Lingerie for Instagram of the Day

Rita Ora is in lingerie – because she’s Rita Ora and that’s what she does.

I could tell you a story about how I was at a Sam Smith Grammy party in 2016 or 2015, that I snuck into thanks to Katy Perry’s lesbian assistant, and while waiting in line, after Ed Sheeran called me “bro”, for some free drinks because it was open bar, I was behind who I thought was Kelly Osbourne…but who turned out to be Rita Ora after the person I was with told me – That is Rita Ora…

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Kelly Osbourne but she’s a big, and thus my first hand account of Rita Ora, being literally a foot away from her, was that she was Kelly Osbourne…

I think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were at that part also, beefing over Diplo or something…I mean open bar at celebrity events, what do you think I remember anything…cuz I don’t…..

You probably won’t believe that story…but Rita Ora knows she was there…and so do I….


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