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Ana De Aramas Getting Wet in a Bikini of the Day

Ana De Aramas Getting wet in a Bikini

Ana De Aramas is the Cuban to America actress who I think is in Blade Runner (the new one, not the one from when the Cuban Revolution was happening)….

I am too lazy to google her, because if you’re like me, you’ll agree that any Cuban girl who has made it out of Cuban and is starring or even being cast in mainstream movies that aren’t sex videos, is a waste of a Cuban girl.

I’ll have you know that as a Canadian, CUBA has been our Sex Tourism destination since the Americans were locked out, communism rule took over, and cheap resorts, we’re talking 400 dollars CANADIAN…which is like 300 dollars US…for 7 days of all you can eat, drink…including FLIGHTS….cheaper than LIVING in Canada….I can spend 300 dollars a night here just on beer…not that I have 300 dollars…but people do, retired people do, and that 300 dollar trip, leaves them with ample money to hire a 100 dollar a week 18 year old Cuban girl and possibly her best friend to be your girlfriend for the week.

Sure it may come with STDs, but CUBA has a great healthcare system, these girls can get treated before they get to you….

But it’s better, and often times hotter than this Cuban acrtress who has made it, who makes money and who is a different kind of sex worker…the kind we don’t sex with.


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