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Ariel Winter Topless of the Day

Ariel Winter Topless in BEd Big Fat Tits

Ariel Winter Topless is actually Ariel Winter in a Towel and not living up to the fetish we call “what’s under the towel”…..even though she should, but that I guess she doesn’t really have to…because unlike all the other girls posting up nudes…she is already rich and famous, she’s made over 20 million dollars on Modern Family…16 million of it she’s spent on donuts….I mean I guess that’s not fair…I’m sure there was other baked goods involved… I shouldn’t discriminate the fat girl’s tastes in high calorie foods….

I am ready to see these tits that she can’t cut off cuz they grow back like the horror movie of the 70s the Blob….which is somewhat fitting under the circumstances….

I figure if she’s going to show us shamelessness for attention cuz she’s broken, there might as well be some actual nudity…but I guess if she went that route too aggressive, she’s be fired from her show and definitely forgotten…which would mean no more income…to pay for donuts and other baked goods..so showing fans her nipples…isn’t as important to her as keeping a damn job.

She’s not hot…but who is hot these days anyway…it’s all just the same old bullshit on repeat done by different vaginas….so I document it..not because I like it or I am impressed by it..but instead because it “happened”….


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