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Bella Hadid Still Naked and Annoying of the Day

Bella Hadid Naked Covering her Nipples Spread

Bella Hadid posted up a picture of her and the Weekend, a ghetto kid from Toronto, who is now the voice of America….and her caption was “HOME”….because she’s a fucking lame piece of shit, with her hopeless romantic young love, despite me knowing people who have FUCKED the Weekend while he was dating Bella the first time, but I guess she’s just a self involved rich kid with Daddy issues, who is so into herself she doesn’t even care where dude’s putting his dick as long as it ends up in her and she gets to be the public girlfriend….

The point of the story is that I don’t consider Bella Hadid a model, even if the rest of the world and her bank account and portfolio tell a different story. I am a firm believer that she’s just an amateur pretending to be a model, because it’s not that hard to be a model, and she only gets jobs because America is fucked in the head.

I don’t care when this fake face, that is still a rat face, gets naked…but I guess other people do..because America likes what they are told to like…it’s what happens when Propaganda in the media has been a thing for 100 fucking years, you eventually don’t have a mind of your own.

I do have to post these nudes, because…Bella Hadid….is relevant, unfortunately…Lame, rich, no substance, zero inspiring…but relevant. I blame you.

Bella Hadid Naked Covering her Nipples


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