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Shay Mitchell Lesbian Sex of the Day

Shay Mitchell Lesbian Sex Scene

I know I am repetitive, but when you’ve posted 50,000 posts on the same nonsense over the course of 15 years, every Monday to Friday, pretty much all day everyday….not taking breaks for Christmas or Holidays, because the SMUT no one cares about must got on….you kind of lose original thought processes, you can only have so much to say in a day, or lifetime, and eventually you gotta stop…and move on, but the site keeps sucking you back in…..

So Repetitive happens, when getting up all the nonsense content that happens, maybe I only have one valid thing to say a week, but I can’t run a site off one valid think a week…so I stretch it out..

My latest observation is that everyone is a fucking Lesbian. I left the house last week during the day, I walked by a college, I ended up at a mall, I walked by a museum, I went on public transit….and what I saw was every single girl looked and acted like a Lesbian.

Men are being phased out, it was all girl on girl…Girls Holding hands, cuddling, kissing…what was once a rare thing was everywhere…girls who used to mall together or smoke weed, or have sleepovers, or have girl nights together were fucking diddling each other in the park…

Straight is dead, men are dead, they are turning into women…so lesbian content by celebs in some Lifetime movie…is just the way life is now….when everyone is a Dyke…

We used to rely on movies to make girls / actresses / dykes for the role, which is going on here with Canada’s own Shay Mitchell…now that’s is just what it looks like when you leave the house….

I’ll still post it though, girl on girl who don’t look like bull dykes still interests me enough to post..

This Could be scenes from new LIFETIME MOVIE…..


Shay Mitchell Lesbian Sex Scene
Shay Mitchell Lesbian Sex Scene

Shay Mitchell Slutty Tits Out for Instagram 4


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