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Kelly Gale Topless of the Day

Kelly Gale Topless

Kelly Gale is a Playboy model….Who is also a Victoria’s Secret model…which is weird to me….because I come from a school of thought, or maybe it was from an era, where you do Playboy when you’re on the decline, or you do Playboy when you’re trying to get discovered for a Reality show or Baywatch….

I am not from a place where a Playboy model graduates, like she’s paid her whore duties, and invested her whore energy in her nakedness and half nakedness….through social media or any other media…at the level where the Mall brand reaches out and says “we could use that one to sell our products”…mainly because Victoria’s Secret has for years pretended to not ruin marriages, pretended to not be porn, pretended to be high end or luxurious….when we all knew the truth…the girls they used were all the same as Playboy models…their stories were just spun different…

It is still weird to see a Victoria’s Secret model who has done Playboy….and I feel there should be some discrimination, you know so that I can categorize my whores the best way possible, rather than meshing them all together into one stew or hodgepodge of whores….it confuses me when I am judging them for using their tits to get ahead whilst jacking off to them.

What I am saying is that I like my whores segregated. This one from Playboy, This one from VS, This one from SI, This one from Movies or TV, This one from Music, This one from Instagram, This one from the Strip Club, This one from Craigslist, This one for Backpages…you get what I am saying…

Kelly Gale Bikini


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