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Jennifer Lopez Sweaty of the Day

Jennifer Lopez Sweaty

J Lo the 50 year old sweating because that’s what happens when you spend your entire day in the gym with the ROCK trying to do whatever you fucking can to stay hot…knowing that time is your enemy on this one…but money is your best friend because you can pay all kinds of people as much as they want cuz you’re that rich to buy injections, trainers like the Rock, who probably does it for free…it’s good clickbait for all of them….and nutritionists and chefs…cuz one thing we know about J.Lo is that she’s a fucking tyrant who takes every opportunity and wants all the money for her damn self to be some kind of hero to her ego that is already probably insanely huge…like the ass that made her famous in the first place.

It’s pretty inspiring that she looks this good in her 50s…but you can too..if you’re as rich as J.Lo…and The Rock…stupid money in this pic…they probably laugh about it togther as all you commoners SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON…feeding into their LIES.

J Lo The Rock Workout


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