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Sophie Mudd and the Schroders in Bikinis Being YUNG SLUTS of the Day

Average girl with above average / massive tits gets 1.2 million followers on the internet because she’s named MUDD for a reason…you see bitch is dirty….

Befriends a couple of Ricky Schroder, spoiled Hollywood children, even though their dad hasn’t worked forever…he’s still an actor and he was still on a hit show…so they are still entitled children of actors….

Children of actors doing a fitness or bikini line, to seem like a “boss bitch”….rather than a whore in a bikini….

I don’t hate on these girls launching their own bikini lines as an excuse to pose slutty in bikinis. I actually think it’s pretty clever and what all whores should be doing because their bodies will expire and even when they are rich, they need something to work on…and bikini business just makes sense….

If you have a million followers and you aren’t finding a way to sell them shit, proprietary shit, you’re fucking mental…like Sophie Mudd’s tits…which are MENTAL…

She’s average at best looks, but the tits carry her….like Jim….Drew and Mariah….they are just that fucking big.

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