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Halley Berry Topless of the Day

Halle Berry Topless Nude

Give a bitch who was always kept at arm’s length from her fans to give the illusion of being some exclusive and high end person that is hard to reach, access to a social media account and a camera, and within a short period of time the slutty selfies or slutty photoshoots will start to happen.

Not only has Halle Berry sexualized herself in her movie roles, but also to get those movie roles, because it’s a highly competitive industry and the girls who get anywhere within that industry are the ones who are the most willing to put out or at least seduce the right guys into buying into what they are selling.

They are master sales people at least when it comes to selling themselves and often times when you’re a woman, selling yourself just means showing off your tits. Guys are that easy to win over.

So now that she’s got her own direct line to the fans, and she knows that on a personal level she feels old and washed up and on a timeline that this being hot thing may come to an end sooner than later, who the fuck cares about putting herself out there, if anything she gets off to it.

So instead of being limited to movie role nudity and magazine editorial to promote those movies, she’s realized that tits get hits and that tits is what she’s got and gonna use.

It’s like when you see a slutty instagram girl try to go “fashion” to get higher payouts, you see that struggle of 50,000 likes on a butthole beach pic, compared to 3000 likes on her “OUTFIT” shot….the natural instinct is “post more of those butthole pics despite the plan of being a fashion person”.

This is the internet and with any technology, the slutty content gets the most action cuz we’re all fucking animals. So expected sure. Slow to the gate due to her handlers sure. But bringing it now…titties out.


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