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Sarah Hyland’s Freakish in her Bikini of the Day

Two hours ago, freakish genetic condition who looks like a variation of primordial dwarfism, all old and weak despite being in her 20s, creeping me out harder than her kidney got creeped out, you know shit got so bad it had to kill itself and be replaced wit a family member’s kidney, which got rejected, only to get her a second Kidney, since these rich people just harvest fucking organs, just ask Selena Gomez, which makes me wonder why young celebs all need new kidneys by the time they are 20, it’s a little weird isn’t it, probably from the systemic industry diddling!

ANYWAY, she’s in a bikini promoting a brand of Collagen which I am sure won’t save her from her genetic condition, but it’s more money for her gay husband to get when she dies prematurely allowing him to get back to sucking dick only with a BIG TV star budget, the way gays like it!

Anyway, she’s not dead yet, but she is in the Maldives, fully vaccinated you know, because she’s a Disney owned and bought puppet who pushes agendas, so that alone should make you hate her, but sacrificing herself for the cause is always a good LOL!

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