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Equinox Has Some Aggressive and Amazing Ads of the Day


Equinox is some 200 dollar a month gym based in key places around the USA, where people make enough money, and are pretentious enough, to only want to sweat where they pay over 100 dollars a month, because they know that in New York, LA and Miami locations, the chances of seeing a model doing squats is higher than the 20 dolllar a month gym, since the model is at Equinox trying to find a rich husband or boyfriend to sugar daddy her life….and what better place to innocently lure him into her pussy than at the gym, so that they can tell people “oh we met at the gym”…and not “I hired her to suck my dick for 20k and kept her around”..

Either way, Equinox put out a pretty intense fashion campaign for the gym, including but not limited, but mainly including a really solid breastfeeding pic.

The photographer behind it is Steven Klein, he’s pretty famous and deservingly so, his shit is better than instagram photoshoots…ya know..

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Bouncing Boobs Sell Communist Helmets of the Day

My best friend who never writes, calls, waves, or messenger pigeons me over at COPYRANTER finally came out of hiding after at least 18 months of ignoring my tender email touch…..with a link to this video from some communist helmet company promoting helmet the right…

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Posh Spice Does Lingerie Ads for Armani of the Day

Posh Spice signed a 3 year, 15 million dollar spokesperson deal to take a few pictures in Armani lingerie that will be in magazines, on billboards and wherever else they run lingerie shoots. The reason the price tag was so high was because she pretended she didn’t have the body or interest in doing it because she’s a mom of 3. Even though she knew that her eating disorder, plastic surgery and pressure to stay fit for her athlete husband did a good enough job fighting off the evidence the little fuckers left, I mean it’s not like these ads are going to show gaping mom pussy, and Armani bit. The whole thing makes no sense to me. I can’t imagine anyone buying underwear because Posh is in the ads, I can’t understand how this is going to pay for itself, I mean couldn’t they just hire a 4 or 5 girls off the street for a couple hundred dollars, and give the other 14,999,000 dollars to charity, I am sure there are hot enough attention whores who would do this shit for free. It is supposed to be the economic crisis and paying this kind of money for something so fucking useless disgusts me. It’s irresponsible excess and if anything should make you and anyone you know stay the fuck away from Armani Lingerie, provided you’re into paying outrageous designer prices for this kind of shit.

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