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Ali Michael Tits of the Day

Ali Michael shot by Sofia Sanchez Mauro Mongiello

Ali Michael is a hipster model who is constantly naked and has been for at least 7 or 8 years….so I’ve seen it all before…and it’s good…no complaints…

I think it’s weird that she has never really hit that big – but she still exists through nude photoshoots…when I look at the girls who have hit that big doing the same thing…but I guess she still gets booked for editorials and campaigns…and she is still trying….to hit the mainstream…and really cash in…

Unless she’s just just one of the thousands of interchangeable bitches….only she’s more at her peak than just starting out…waiting for a guy in a band to knock her up because her 8 years has brought her to the right parties…

Who really knows..it’s all a mystery but hard nips in snow…that shit’s no mystery and I like it.

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Ali Michael Hot Model Shoot of the Day

Ali Michael is my friend’s Top 3 models, like this was Myspace, fan boy shit, which is why he sent these pictures from her recent shoot over to me, while being all excited…and reaction I didn’t have, because I don’t give a fuck about Ali Michael, or what shoot she’s showing her nipples in, because that’s the basis of who Ali Michael is and what she has done and the truth is she’s never really got famous for it….she just sort of exists on the fringes of hipster / artist with some natural and cool vibe, more a fetish really that they can position as “fashion”….for a long fucking time…while other bitches on instagram get all the glory, but I assume this Ali Michael is just too cool to care about any of that on the surface, but in her soul hates all the Hadid’s and kardashians stepping on her model toes…despite being the first to hang out with them for the following – because that’s what all these babes like..following…

The good news is that she’s still hot enough to be topless in fashion shoots, not too old yet, but almost…so she better get that break soon….times a tickin’

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Ali Michael Nipples of the Day

Ali Michael is a hipster model who is constantly naked.

She has never really hit that big – but she still exists and she still gets booked for editorials and campaigns…and she is still trying….

She’s just one of the thousands of interchangeable bitches….but in trying to break through…at 26….the chances are she’s as “at her peak”….as possible, but it is possible that the friends she’s made being a scenester means she may be involved in more….maybe movies…who knows it’s all so incestuous and repetitive..and it’s all based on who you know…and we can assume she knows or has known some important connected people in her 7 years doing this…

This shoot has some nipple, I just like it because it is horror themed, which I am into and a whore in horror, how could you go wrong…at least as a spectator staring at pics of random girls I don’t know all day…like ME!! Hard to be a hater when you’re not the one putting in the work to make this magic happen, but not really…we call it being in the peanut gallery…I don;’t need to produce garbage to know it’s garbage…I just need to look at it and wonder why people bother producing shit like this…seems like a waste of time…..

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Ali Michael Topless for V Magazine of the DAy


Ali Michael is a hipster model who is constantly naked. She has never really hit that big – but she still exists and she still gets booked for editorials and campaigns…she’s just one of the thousands of interchangeable bitches….but in trying to break through…at 26….

She’s been in the game for a long time….her first modeling gigs happened in 2006…and the most exciting shit about her happened around that time – when she was told she was too fat to be at Fashion week, they said her legs were too plump…and her reaction was developing an eating disorder where she got down to 106 pounds and more interestingly – she didn’t get her period for 12 months…HOT…

I guess she’s gone onto hipster shit, she did Playboy a few months ago, the new non-nude Playboy that I posted but I’m too busy to link to…and here she is in some solid photos…perfectly weird…showing them tits…making me want to eat a salad, or toss her salad..you know has been tossed a lot already….

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Ali Michael NOT NUDE for PLAYBOY of the Day

Playboy released this video of some ALI MICHAEL photoshoot I already posted – by Jason Lee Perry….

She is some “hipster” model who is actually a model, with an actual agency,…I think…I mean you can never be too sure who is a legit scouted model since all models are scouted off social media now – and they are all interchangeable, one in the same, willing to get naked….because Ali Michael has been naked…just not for PLAYBOY…because Playboy doesn’t do dudes you perverts, that’s for fashion magazines, Playboy instead does INSTAGRAM level nudes that have emoji’s on the nipples, to keep some mystery or to convince advertisers they arent’ a porn site in some dumb as fuck business model – ever…

Either way, here’s her 1970s, typical, played out, but these people keep doing it, California desert shoot….with a beat up truck and bike…so cool bro…fucking dumb bullshit…

I am more into watching the instagram model hard at work….modeling…this is modeling…what a joke…

the other day in Mykonos with @morgan_lane ???? @jongorriganphotography @terri_capon @imgmodels

A video posted by Ali Michael (@ali_michael) on


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Ali Michael by Jason Lee Parry of the DAy


I don’t know if I’m still facebook friends with Jason Lee Parry, but I was for a long time and I always appreciated his pictures for what they were. He was one of the first in modern time to do that instagram vibe – hipster vibe – girl in the desert topless with bush – having a bon fire and running around amongst cactus – hired by brands and urban outfitters to get that 70s, Manson family, sitting around drinking or doing psychedelics on the ranch, typical rich kid looking for purpose shit..

It’s pretty California, played out now, but when girls get naked thinking they are hippies for a dude who takes pics on film like a hippie, I’m more interested than fake photoshoots for instagram – with the hopes of getting enough followers to promote skinny tea detox shit and protein powder – living the dream.

The world is dumb

This model is Ali Michael. She’s done some topless work with pretty important people, but you’ve probably never heard of her, or if you have you can’t place her, since not everyone is meant to be remembered even if they get naked…

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Ali Michael Hipster Fashion Porn of the Day


Photographer, who I assume is popular on instagram, named Chadwick Tyler..did this Hipster Fashion Porn shoot with a girl named Ali Michael, who at one point in time was about to be a hugely famous model, but she weight 105 lbs, which was too fat for fashion, before fashion decided to only hire these instagram famous girls who are pushing 130, and have parents who pay the brand to give their little babies the chance to live the dream…I call it the Super Sweet Sixteen era of brats having parents get them anything…even modeling jobs and social media fame…thanks to the ability to hiring the best of pulicists..

Well, it turns out that model Ali Michael has decided to go down the softcore erotica route, because even if packaged as “art”…or “who cares, it’s just a nude body”…and I absoultely agree, I don’t care. I love nudity, I’ve been doing this site for over a decade and always posted nudity that I didn’t think was porn, alienating myself and turning down branded ad campaigns, all because I though nudity wasn’t worth penalizing, and in my activist, lazy activist, way…this was my protest…only to tell anyone I meet, “it’s not a porn site, if this is porn you get off to, you’re fucked up”…not that that makes me more money, or gives me more credibility, but I say it anyway…

But this shoot is pushing it…I mean it’s no spread pussy, no labia, theoretically just tits…packaged as art, because dude put a black and white filter on it…to make it more dramatic…and in my opinion lame…I only like black and white when shot on film because it was cheaper to process for the starving snapshot photographer before digital…in an era where dude sat and removed color to be artsy…and in and of itself that’s lame…

What isn’t lame is that he has some dumb mode buying into it…on all fours in panties…and maybe this will go viral and get her acting jobs like she was Emrata, but I think it’s more a shoot that requires more penis penetration…why go half way..when you cross that line into pornography…just own it…

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Ali Michael for Numero of the Day


Ali Michael…Vlogger…

Is more interesting while naked enough in some concept shoot for some magazine, because that’s how these social media whores and models live their lives…always trying to get attention, press or noticed…doing what they think is artistic or interesting, because the second you take out the artistic nonsense, it is just attention seeking smut…and no one wants to admit that is the overall objective…people like purpose…

She’s been in a bunch of different campaigns over the years, she’s been around, she’s even been kicked off of Fashion week in Paris for being to fat…back in 2008 when fashion didn’t support obesity, an era I like to embrace and cherish because it is long gone and fat girls everywhere are booking skinny girl jobs….

At the time she was kicked off fashion week, she was 105 pounds which at 5 foot 9 is 10 pounds too heave for my liking, you know the weight where no muscle support get in the way of her uterus falling out of her pussy…and more importantly…where she can’t run from me…cuz I’m rapey…not rappy…

Here are the pics, they’re whatever, but I guess everything is whatever these days…everything has been done.

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Ali Michael by Chadwick Tyler for P Magazine of the Day



Ali Michael is a hipster model who has been naked a lot…in fact, I think the bulk of her career has been her naked…I guess that’s the basis of a hipster model….

She’s done major campaigns, so unlike other hipster models who pretend to be anti-capitalist, until an evil corporation offers them money, and the world sees their true colors and see through their lies….you know lies that worked to get them to that high paying corporate job….you know by pretending to be an artist on tumblr and instagram…even though art is a lie…doesn’t matter…

What matters is that she’s the cover girl of the next issue of P MAGAZINE , that I assume is another one of these girls getting naked on the web, but only if you have a print issue, because print still seems like it is quality or legitimate…

The pictures are by CHADWICK TYLER …and seem good enough for me, but that’s not saying much, I’ve jerked off to pictures on a point and shoot, that looked like they may have a hard nipple in them, but turned out it was just a scratch on the print…I’m easy…especially for these hipster, willing to get naked, sexually liberated, “models”…who don’t even need to be models…it’s a weakness…especially when posing like she’s getting peed on…my favorite…

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Ali Michael for Richard Kern of the Day

Ali Michael is a hipster model.

Richard Kern is a hipster, pervert, photographer, that means he’s convinced hipsters to think he’s an artist, because he’s in Vice and has published books…when reallly he’s just some 50 or 60 year old who hangs out with barely 18 year old girls and produces what I consider teen porn, but that these girls consider “art”…because I guess the difference between porn and art is positioning…not to mention average looking feminist hipsters are just seeking the same attention pretty girls want…while Richard Kern gives it to them because when you hit a certain age and you’ve fucked countless young girls…the quality of the girl becomes less interesting than her age and willingness to get naked…

That’s not to say what he’s doing is bad, most of his pics are awesome, I’m just saying I’m onto his scam…and I guess that scam is something that makes us all better people because we need guys to get girls naked in pictures for us to see those girls naked…since you’re scared of girls and /or talking to them…

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Ali Michael Nipple Pasties for Marc Jacobs of the Day

Ali Michael is one of these 24 year old, American Made, Texan born, fashion models who has been modeling since she was 15, and who probably lives in New York now….

When she was 18, she had a scandal because she was too fat to model, weighting 106 pounds at 5 foot 9…you know a real Kate Upton….

Anyway, she’s pretty much an it-girl, she’s done a bunch of campaigns, most importantly – SHOWING PIERCED NIPPLES IN GLAMOUR FRANCE ….and SHOWING NON PIERCED NIPPLES FOR TERRY ….and now this Marc Jacobs, 50 Shades of Grey Inspired accessory line, because Bondage existed before 50 Shades of Grey, and everyone has a boner for the up and coming 50 Shades of Grey movie, and by everyone I mean bored housewives, making sex and S&M more mainstream, making people at the fetish clubs wishful that good looking women will actual show up at their events….because fashion is about jumping on trends, raping them, while raping the sweatshops that make them, the wallets that buy them, and the small town girls with a dream who model for them….

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Ali Michael in a Bathing Suit for No. 1 of the Day

Ali Michael is some skinny Texan model, who should be celebrated for being skinny, since everything is bigger in Texas, especially the trailer park dwelling women who can’t stop eating BBQ like they were Jessica Simpson…since Jessica Simspon, also a Texan is their white trash leader…

I believe that you can never be too skinny, she’s 5 foot 9 and 106 pounds…fatty…I think she’s got a few more pounds to go…keep up the good work brunette Kate Upton…


And I am in love…

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Ali Michael Titties for Glamour France Outtake of the Day

Ali Michael is a Texan model who I have never heard of because girls don’t have names, they just have tits, but she’s best known for being sent home during 2008 Fashion week, when she was 18, for being too fat and having “legs that were too plump”, while weighing 106 pounds at 5 foot 9. What a pig. Disgusting. The Kate Upton of her generation.

She hasn’t done anything major, except maybe this shoot for Elle France, where they leaked this outtake, that is all full of nipples….fat chick nipples, gross.

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Ali Michael for Terry Richardson of the Day

Ali Michael is some model who is being shot by Terry Richardson…topless…She is 22, has a wikipedia page I didn’t read cuz I’m more interested in staring at her pics and in her giving me fucking boners…with her tight underwear, vagina definition, hipster looking hotness….cuz I love these hipster looking girls…especially when they are topless….good hustle Ali Michael…

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