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Alicia Douvall and Her Nutty Tits of the Day

Some really fat chick who was wearing a push-up bra to counterbalance her gut, I know this shit because I watch the Oprah bikinis for everyboday episode as often as I can, just said hi to me when I was taking my dog outside to take a little pee, cuz I am tired of him pissing on my pillow while I am sleeping, I figure breathing that shit in isn’t good for me, and I got really spooked, not so much because of the way this monster, her cleavage looked, or even from the obvious fear and suffering both the shorts she squeezed into and the kid she was holding hands with had on their faces, but because people are so self absorbed these days and so paranoid, they just don’t say hi to strangers, unless they are yachting or on the Golf course so that you can be certain you are dealing with someone in your class bracket, but randomly on the street just doesn’t happen, unless of course you’re dealing with a fat chick lookin’ for a husband to take care of her and her baggage and I’m already playin’ that game and it sucks.

Sure, that has nothing to do with Ailicia Douvall, but bitch is like a stranger to me, cuz I’ve never heard of her, but now that I’ve seen her stupid tits, I’d like to say hi and for some reason I regret no hitting up a stripclub last night.

Here are the pics, today is about to start.

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Alicia Douvall is Topless in a Bikini of the Day

All I know about this chick is that she’s from the UK and has a face like a plate of Bangers and Mash that can only be justified as the product of some Dairy Farm incest, but she’s topless and showing off her shitty sun burned fake tits that make these pictures about as sexually arousing as the pair of underwear I’ve been wearing all week because I have few options, kinda like any guy that happens to have sex with this slag. It’s one of those take what you can get when in a time of desperation, because it’s really the only way I can understand the fact that she’s got a kid.

During the Black Out 2008 that I experienced today, I ran into a couple HUGE girls on the street, I am talking substantially fatter than me and for some reason they were kickin’ it with some skinny blonde girl who looked just as sloppy as they did but wasn’t fat and took up less airplane seats when her deadbeat boyfriend saved enough money from selling dime bags of weed to take her somewhere special.

Either way, the busted up skinny chick was wearing this tight shirt and her tits were busting out because they were her only asset, or the only think she thought were her asset, because they really weren’t all that nice to look at and dudes were staring at her in amazement, that she thought was a positive thing and that’s why I feel like she’d really get along with this Alicia Douvall girl, together they could tell each other that they are the prettiest girls in the world, while everyone else kinda looks at them in disgusted amazement.

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