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Ana Braga in a See Through Outfit of the Day

Ana Braga in a See Through Outfit

Ana Braga is a fame whore, I know this because she used to do my snapchat takeovers – of her at the gym, or her being silly, all while being 100 fucking years old, pretty much for free, or attempting to build her own audience of mine, and that alone gives me no reason but to love her, appreciate her, and all her antics and attempts to get known, seen, in the paparazzi in what I find a fascinating scene of a lot of women, who are too old to properly execute a social media click bait campaign, but not too old to exist for being nude in magazines, or nude in the streets of LA, get your money’s worth….because guess what it works, paparazzi come take the pics, sell the pics, and people publish the pics…

Clever thing she is..


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Ana Braga Tits vs Sarah Barrett’s TITs of the Day

, Ana Braga Model and Instagram Personality Showed Nipples on the Beach

Ana Braga is my girl, but not really, but kind of, I’ve never met her or had my way with her, but she did spend a week or more doing snapchat takeovers for me back when snapchat was a thing – and Zuckerberg and the evil people at Facebook / Instagram didn’t try to make SNAP irrelevant, forcing the founder to go public and make 20 billion dollars before marrying Miranda Kerr…the sugar baby who has marketed herself as a fun Australian….model…which is such a vague concept but she is a pre instagram hustler, who went hollywood before she fixated on billionaires, navigating the best one to trap…and she chose “nerd”….I mean pervert nerd who we should all thank because SNAP was the source for a lot of nudes, it gave girls the chance to get nude, without the pressure of being nude on the internet forever….DISPOSABLE images for jerk off purposes…and dude made billions…makes me feel like a retard doesn’t it…

Ana Braga no longer does my snapchat and that makes me sad, but she is showing her tits on the beach and not for me, but I guess in a way, this is for me, and for you, and just some nipples in a wet T-Shirt…

Ana Braga in a See Through Shirt and Red Bikini Bottoms Showing Nipple


Some other older trash named Sara Barrett went out with her nipples, and I figured I didn’t want to do a post on her as I have nothing to say about her, so why not make this a VS post…people like conflict…I like conflict…good times.

Actress Sara Barrett in a See Through Shirt

Actress Sara Barrett Showing Nipples for the Paparazzi

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Phoebe Price and Ana Braga Do DrunkStepfather Snapchat of the Day

Phoebe Price and Ana Braga may not mean that much to you, or really to anyone, but they are both delicate angels sent from heaven to me…they are my queens. They are my goddesses. They are perfect. They are everything right in the world. I love them.

I defend their honor on the regular, because they both hold a magical place in my heart and that place is that they were doing this “get in the tabloid hustle” long before social media. They were getting bikini pics or wild and crazy outfit pics shot by the paparazzi for the last 15 years…and they keep on going, navigating the world…

Some could argue that their approach is obsolete because of this DIY self promotion on social media…but I think there is pure, amazing, skill involved in being compelling enough for the paparazzi to post you…anyone can take a selfie..

In being fun, not taking things to seriously, jokers and babes…who may not be at their first rodeo but with experience are amazing….they agreed to take over my snapchat and I felt like I’ve won..because I have won…

So I posted the story so it lives forever, as snapchat kills content…and this is my snapchat follow it because there’s more to come…including you…unfortunately…


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Ana Braga Does My Snapchat of the Day

I have snapchat. I’ve had snapchat since snapchat started. Mainly because finding a solution to a very common sexting problem of “I swear I’ll delete your pussy pic or masturbation video after you send it, just trust me stranger from the internet”….was necessary in my sex life….

In having a snapchat, I get girls to takeover every once in a while, when they are around and willing to do something magical….and last night we had ANA BRAGA….


Now I know the general public has no idea who Ana Braga is, but I do, and that’s what matters…her and her friend Phoebe Price make up this really interesting pre-social media personalities who would get in bikinis, or stage publicity stunts and have the paparazzi take pics of them in bikinis and the tabloids feature them…and for an old timer like me, this is a memory or glimpse of the glory days..even though these girls are going no where, they are still doing what they do…and it’s amazing….

So screenshot, or take a pic of my snap code and get it….for more good things to come…hopefully more of ANA BRAGA because I like her better than those new school instagram fame whores…this one is more LEGENDARY….an Icon…who will never go unnoticed!



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