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Annasophia Robb Fitness of the Day


Annasophia Robb may not be an actress you’re familiar with, but here she is being your fitness inspiration because her body is so tight, and we like tight bodies as much as we like tight pussy, even though no pussy is tight to me, thanks to micro penis buried in obesity…

THat said, Annasophia Robb, is part of some of the greatest moments in cinematic history, for her part in Soul Surfer…the story of a Jesus loving surfer who had her arm eaten by a shark because GOD…

Or as I like to think, because science…

But that she’d like to think was some higher purpose bullshit to challenge her to be a better person…by only having one arm to handjob with…

Whatever works….

While fit girls…work for me…but not actually…because I can’t afford a staff..

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AnnaSophia Robb Over the Shoulder Butt Shot of the Day

asr (1)

This isn’t an official AnnaSophia Robb over the shoulder butt shot, because she had a friend taking the pic, that’s cheating but it has the same effect, where that I can see how round her little acting ass is, but I already knew what her little acting ass looked like, thanks to playing a one armed surfer in some religious after school special that apparently had a theatrical run, but was pretty fucking low budget, but nothing wrong with low budget when Jack Nicholson’s daughter and this one, play bikini wearing surf sluts in bikinis…

What this doesn’t explain is why her name is so fucking stupid…but what is in a name when looking at an ass in a bikini..

asr (2)

That said, to demonstrate how I feel about surf sluts -> Here’s Anastasia Ashley…

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AnnaSophia Robb in a Bikini by the Pool of the Day


This AnnaSophia Robb bikini pic…is pretty uneventful…considering the only movie I think she’s ever done involved her being in a bikini the entire time…playing some one arm, half eaten, pro surfer who to this very day still wins contests thanks to the power of Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior…who thanks to his eating of her arm through a shark…has allowed her to be rich as fuck…but more importantly, to be portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb in movies….

I would just expect more from a hot bodied, hot ass, hot little thing that has been seen in a bikini before…it’s like this zooming into try to see pussy definition in her shorts is depressing me…and making me feel like the failed pervert that I am…

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AnnaSophia Robb in a Bikini of the Day

AnnaSophia Robb -Bikini

I think besides having a name that the people at the Birth Certificate office forgot to include a space in AnnaSophia Robb…was also in a cheesy surf movie about God, but more importantly about some Jesus freak surfer who believed in God, only to have her arm bitten off by a shark, because I guess she’d like to explain it as God having a hire purpose for her to inspire, but that I’d like to explain as being on her period while surfing where sharks are….all this to say, AnnaSophia Robb has been in a bikini for an entire movie, and now she’s in a bikini for social media, that looks like she’s not wearing a top, and that would be a little more inspiring if it was close up…if you know what I mean…

Either way, she has a water pouring on her for you pee fetishists and that’s all that counts…

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AnnaSophia Robb Sucking a Lollipop of the Day

AnnaSophia Robb along with having a dumb double name turned into a single name, is also a girl from Charlie and the Chocolate factory that you probably got excited for the day she turned 18, like when you watched Harry Potter…and now she’s at a Hockey game eating candy the way she was supposed to…with her boyfriend…who isn’t you…because you are too busy watching kids movies waiting for girls to turn 18…and not really something anyone famous…or really with a vagina would want to part of…unless she was extremely fat, had a personality disorder, maybe a retardation or just suffering from loneliness…but not someone like AnnaSophia and her stupid two names turned into one name…but at least you can watch her suck lolly like you do every halloween outside the public school…you fucking creep.


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AnnaSophia Robb in Seventeen of the Day

AnnaSophia Robb must be making some moves. Her name has been popping up a lot lately. I remember trying to jerk off to her bikini body in Soul Surfer, where she played that surf bitch who lost her arm in some Jesus loving pile of shit, but now it turns out that she’s in something even worse, the prequel to Sex and the City, called the Carrie Diaries, because Hollywood likes milking ideas, like I like milking pregnant women, with my mouth while deep in their asses. Seriously, I can only imagine it being a pile of shit, banking on the success of the other show, but can only hope there are a lot of nude pics, cuz this AnnaSophia and her hybrid jacked up name, is cute as fuck, and I’m ready to watch her simulate sex.


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AnnaSophia Robb in a Bikini of the Day

AnnaSophia Robb is some 17 year old girl who was in a bikini in the movie Soul Surfer, a movie about how sharks eat you if you’re a weird surfer hippie born again christian with a retarded looking face, but who you probably remember from masturbating to her in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where she played the cunty one named Violet…..

She’s hot, but then again, what 17 year old blonde chick in a bikini isn’t hot…and I’m saying that as a general accepted fact…cuz no matter what guys I hang out with…they go nuts over barely legal or almost legal girls when they walk by…I’m talking from my lawyer to the sex offender…dudes love youthful tight ass…it’s coded in our DNA….but I think it’s got a lot ot do with this generation of vagina being far sluttier than generations of 17 year olds before them…they are into anal sex according to Oprah, they sext and put on cam shows according to the news, all in a time when older married men are still trying to convince their wives of 20 years to try anal sex…

This generation grew up on internet porn and Paris Hilton…they are the myspace duck pouters bikini pics…and the whole slut thing is quite lovely and accepted by their peers….making me wish I wasn’t creepy to this demo…cuz otherwise I’d be hitting up their parties…you know as the responsible chaparone who looks and doesn’t touch….but only if they are 18 though, cuz otherwise it’s wrong….to film it….cuz legally in Canada the cut off age is 16….Don’t blame me, blame the legal system…but in all honesty, I generally like older pussy better, you know cuz you can have better converstation….as there’s only so much Zac Effron or twilight talk a pervert can take…

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Lorraine Nicholson and AnnaSophia Robb in Teenage Bikinis of the Day

I love the old pervert on set of this amputee teenage bikini surf fetish film. Dude looks like he’s having the fucking time of his life, like being around young girls has given him a second wind and blown some life back into his dick. It’s the kind of thing where he’s started doing push-ups every morning before shooting, because maybe the girls will sense the heightened testosterone levels…and maybe they will flirt back or pull sexual favors for him to get preferential treatment, but I think them being in bikini all day is more than enough….

It’s funny how Hollywood works. These perverts are allowed to write this teenage erotica, mask it as a drama and have chicks half naked around you all day, when I do it, I just get paranoid I’m gonna get arrested….

Either way, Jack Nicholson’s daughter has a great fucking ass….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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AnnaSophia Robb is The Freshest Jail Bait in the Pond of the Day

If you used to jerk off to Charlie and the Chocolate factory, because luring kids into your house of crazy with candy is porn to you, you may remember this girl as the girl who was in the movie….

You probably didn’t know she had a stupid name that is missing a space and that she was clearly named by some illiterate who was smart enough to exploit her by selling her to the entertainment industry.

It turns out she’s playing Bethany Hamilton, a girl who not only hangs with hot bikini asses but who is a surfing prodigy who was about to go pro before sacrificing her arm in a shark attac, making her the one armed surfer I’ve been watching since she’s been old enough to masturbate to, especially when wearing a bikini top , cuz legally you don’t have to be 18 to turn creeps on with bikini tops….

So here she is with her arm in a green sleeve because they are going to delete the shit in post production and the only reason I am posting this is because this technology is redefining amputee porn, a type of porn I had my way with in the mid-90s after reading some seriously demented erotica about stump fucking, leading me to volunteering at some rehab facility and week later being let go from the same rehab facility for pressing my dick up on as many stumps as I could, but that doesn’t matter..

What does matter is that this movie will have a lot of teen bikini, and this girl may be too young to determine whether or not she will end up hot when she grows up, but has the fact that she’s jailbait working for her. So she can ride on her age for now, as men will always have jailbait fantasies and never be too picky about who they are into, as all those fantasies require is a birthdate, the rest kinda doesn’t matter to them especially since all the other Miley jailbait is too old old and washed up to consider jailbait anymore, leavingtheir talent pool pretty empty and historically, jailbait fantasies seem to be popular and I don’t really understand it, because I like my bitches used up, sagging, experienced and disgusting because it is less pressure, they have less expectations, they know what they are doing and they don’t look like little annoying brats, cuz in the event you haven’t sat in a Starbucks, teenagers are fucking annoying as shit.

Bonus: Some Open Mouth for the Real Perverts

And Some Checking Out Her Bikini Clad Co-Stars Changing….cuz young girls always compare their naked bodies…

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via PacificCoastNews

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