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Iggy Azalea’s Nipples of the Day

Iggy Azalea Tits Hard nipples in see through white tight shirt and corsetIggy Azalea Tits Hard nipples in see through white tight shirt and corset

Iggy Azalea has taken a page out of the lesson book written by Rita Ora and every whore trying to be a famous popstar before her, and that is that if you keep on pushing your same bullshit agenda, in the sluttiest of ways, whether with tits, or ass…just as long as it is slutty…the people will eventually get used to you being around, buy into your lies, and accept you as their long lost friend…even if everything about you is bullshit….

It’s just that the general public is dumb as fuck, they like gossip, they like being lied to because it’s more interesting as a storyline and there are people who love everything there is about being the focal point of that, fueling that…and getting paid from that..

Some call them bottom feeders, some call them celebs, both are just scamming hard…and here’s one of their whores showing nipples.

Iggy Azalea Tits in a Purple Lace Bra
Iggy Azalea Tits in a Purple Lace Bra

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Iggy Azalea’s Ass of the Day

Iggy Azalea Ass in a Black Thong

Iggy Azalea in all her fake as fuck glory, from a fake story, to fake hair, to more interestingly fake ass, fake face, fake career, that I guess gets her on Private Jets because she’s got a record deal, where that she can put her fake ass out there for her fans, who are likely only following her because of her fake ass, in efforts to continuing to matter another year, when I don’t know if she’s ever actually mattered, but rather has been more of an “exists” situation…

I guess when you’re on some private jet and you’re trash, you gotta keep it real…and keep the lie that she was an underage stripper in Florida she wants you to believe…when we all know this is all manufactured dog shit…that probably smells like dog shit…but at least she flies private, the chances of a crash are much higher, which I like.

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Iggy Azalea Spreads Her Legs of the Day

Iggy Azalea Spreading her Legs in a Yellow Bikini

Mooch fuck Iggy Azalea is out promoting some shit, trying to get paid or some shit, maybe launching an album or some shit, because she’s a clickbait lying piece of trash, straight from Australia and in America stealing your clickbaiting jobs, and she’s posting what I guess she thinks is provocative content of her weird shaped body created off fillers and injections to support her lie….She’s some Blac Chyna looking gutter white girl catering to white people who like rap, while catering to black dudes who like white girls with stupid asses..

She’s garbage..she’s not hot…she’s not good, interesting or compelling, but that zipper bikini bottom is…I don’t understand why this isn’t a BOOMERRANG of her showing us the “Functionality”…

Iggy Azalea Spreading her Legs in a Yellow Bikini 4

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Iggy Azalea Cultural Appropriation Titties of the Day

Iggy Azalea Underboob Tits in a Tight black bikini

Iggy Azalea is on the hustle to remind you that white girls may not be able to rap, but if they get a fake enough ass and a bullshit backstory, she can sure as hell pretend that she can rap, and thanks to the moron population they believe it, buy into it, go to her show and give her lots of money to pay for more Ass injections…so that she can keep up her lie…and keep the black guys interested in her…because with them she can have even more legitimacy…as an Australian actress on some Margot Robbie shit, doing this Iggy Azalea character and taking it to whatever top she’s the top off…

It’s not hot to me, it’s terrifying, but it’s what all the instagram girls are looking like…jacked the fuck up.

Iggy Azalea TIts out in see through black bodysuit 2


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Iggy Azalea Naked in the Bath of the Day

Iggy Azalea naked holding her tits in the bath

Fake stripper from Australia who has some bullshit storyline about her bullshit fat ass….to make her bullshit rap career seem more legitimate….to make her fake ass seem more interesting…on some “Fat Amy” shit…that monster actress was in Pitch Perfect playing a a college girl at 40 fucking years old….because I guess Australians are just lying criminal scammers trying to charm us with their accents to pull a fast one on us in their take over…

What I do know is that I don’t find Iggy Hot…I don’t find Iggy Interesting. I find her name offensive, her career offensive, the fact she’s making it in America offensive, when she’s clearly such fucking trash….

But here she is in a tub…

Here she is in a video…

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Iggy Azalea Flashes her Nipple of the Day

Iggy Azalea may be known for her big black ass even though she’s a white girl…an ass that she uses hard to get black guys to support her music like she was Miley Cyrus…well apparently she’s got nipples that she uses to get attention too and I guess there ain’t nothing wrong with that…even if her tits are shit…

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