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Ashley Graham Still Promoting Obesity of the Day

Ashley Graham Obesity Lingerie

Here’s XXXL Ashley Graham still out there being sexualized as a fat chick – despite being a fat chick – for all the fat chick fetish perverts out there…..

I don’t think tits are supposed to have cellulite, but when you’re as fat as Ashley Graham it happens..

I’d say that the reason she’s fat like this is because society is encouraging her to be fat like this…to be a voice of a poeple she’s just exploiting…and when the hype ends and we go back to responsible decisions after society dies of being obese…like not celebrating fat people, or sexualizing fat people…she’ll likely get skinny….

But she’s probably just a fat chick in the right place and right time…doing that fat chick thing cuz it works for her and gets her paid….so she’d just be a fat chick we’ve never heard of…a better place to be in my opinion…at least for us.

I do hate the fat chick movement to be the voice of fat chicks when being fat is unhealthy ALWAYS….and we shouldn’t be empowering it…other than saying “Ok you’re unhealthy, if you want to be naked sure, or feel sexy in fat lingerie fine, but we can’t reward you people and say it’s OK to be like that – cuz it’s not – obesity causes a huge strain on society and we should only be paying people who tell that narrative….not people who give misinformation of this narrative like all fat girls – making excuses and saying it’s ok…when it’s not”….

Stop eating. Start moving. Fat fucks.


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Ashley Greene Dumpy in a Bikini of the Day

Ashley Greene is not Ashley Graham…but she’s getting there because she looks fucking DUMPY, which I guess is the whole Ashley Graham plus sized model strategy….which has made Ashley Graham more important than Ashley Greene…who even when she was famous, no one knew who she was…

She was just some Florida Trash that some how managed to get onto the Twilight movies, which allowed her to matter more than she every should have mattered, and more than she ever will matter, because Twilight was a phenomenon…only she wasn’t…

I wrote her off when she came out saying she was abstinent or celibate, waiting until marriage with her promise ring with the Jonas Brothers…when she was dating the Jonas brothers…I just hate bullshit liars, and knew there was no way this bitch hadn’t been fucked from every angle, every way, from any cock that could help her get onto the TWILIGHT SAGA….

So now, 10 years later she still sucks, but I felt like drawing some attention to it….especially while she’s in a bikini looking like shit…as she’s in a bikini looking like shit..

So everyone out there…remember Ashley Greene who was once famous…look how badly she’s rotted out…as she rocks her dumpy stomach bikini bottoms….like a 40 year old at the 3 star all inclusive resort.


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Ashley Graham Lingerie of the Day

Ashley Graham Lingerie

Big girl Ashley Graham stretching out some lingerie for a photoshoot..

I remember a better time…a simpler time…a time when lingerie wasn’t made in this size, so fat girls didn’t have to lie to themselves into thinking they are hot or sexy or have any sex appeal whatsoever…they’d just sit at home in soiled panties eating ice cream….getting fatter….but then the whole racism thing ended, even though it exists, it’s not the mainstream thought…and white girls got comfortable with the black men they used to cross the street to avoid…and discovered they had big dicks their big vaginas could feel…and that they legit were into fat whitey cuz they were a novelty…and then realizing more women like them are fat…and then the whole tinder swipe thing happened meaning sex didn’t only happen at 3 am at a bar as the lights go on where dude is like “i guess it’s better than jacking off, and it weighs more than a threesome”….and now dudes can say “no one will know this happened”….creating some sort of solidarity between other fat women, forcing marketers to make this fat girl shit.

The whole thing goes against all logic…is what I am getting at here….and this bitch is for some reason the “figurehead”….

I don’t get it.


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Ashley Graham Panty Flash of the Day

Ashley Graham Panty Flash

Ashley Graham walking the runway for some fashion show flashing her panties, are we sure she wasn’t hired to demolish the building with those thighs?

No we’re not sure…..

Maybe she’s there by the demands of the engineering team to test out the infrastructure of the runway….they have a show next week featuring 58 girls stomping down all at the same time…and the only way to simulate that kind of strain was to hire this pig of a woman.

A pig of a woman who is getting a lot of press, attention, money, campaigns for being a pig of a woman…

She even got cast to interview people at the Oscars….where she made racist comments but that people didn’t slaughter her for since her husband is black…and that makes her down with ethnicities and making culturally inappropriate refrences…you know cuz she’s a fetish, sex toy to black men and their dicks are the only thing big enough to penetrate her pig pussy.

I do not think we should be glamourizing premature death and chronic illness in a world where we know it kills…and where we have TOO many fat person options to not move and to eat terribly…hell we are all fat…

The last thing we need is to tell people to own their fatness….cuz they’ll keep getting fatter and others will start letting themselves go…

She is the CIGARETTE company of “models”….

She is no role model, and for that…she should be taken out back and put to pasture like the farm animal she is…

So panties or not, modeling or not…I don’t accept it…it’s strictly a science experiment that ends with her legs amputated from Diabetes, which she’ll find a way to polarize into money making…she’s a good self promoter in a time when people are too scared to say “get out of here fatty, you’re going to break our damn casting couch”….


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Ashley Graham Pretending to Exercise of the Day

Ashley Graham Fat Fuck Pretenting To Exercise


Fat people working out, always hilarious.


Because it is the opposite of what they actually do, or what they actually did to get as fat as they are….

I guess the brands are realizing how negative and irresponsible it is to feature fat chicks as models, because it is telling the fat peoples they target that it’s okay to be fat, even though fat causes the most deaths…more than shark attack a and coconuts falling from trees…it’s a fucking crisis and I think pandering to the fat is saying it’s great to be fat and again another example of corporations killing us through marketing…

So get the fatty doing fitness – so a fatty exercising is the healthy way to be fat…instead of using her like the big she is demonstrating all the cake she can consume in one sitting to sell cakes to the fat….instead sell the dream of fitness and use a relatable “I am fat too” to sell it. Silly. And erotic to those of us who are black or with even fatter women…but disgusting to me.

Positing it for the comedy bro.


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Ashley Graham Still Fat of the Day

Fat Fuck Ashley Graham Bikini

This just in…fat chicks can do more than work the counter at the deli, or the cash at Walmart, or the back kitchen at the Bakery….

They can also be bikini models….since the world is perverted and used to fucking fat chicks…allowing them to accept fat chicks in bikinis…because fat chicks is all they know.

Skinny bitches are a thing of the past, at least statistically…

They say fat chicks are more real and more relatable to other fat chicks…..and they deny fat chicks are going to die prematurely for being fat…even though they will….it’s science..but marketing can override marketing ANY day….it has for years.

Ashley Graham is riding this trend hard, which is far easier on her than riding a bike, or riding her black husband….or riding a roller coaster cuz she doesn’t take up two seats….

I think her motivation in making the millions doing this nonsense was to fly first class so that she fits on the plane…..because celebrating being fat, getting paid for being fat…is hardly something to encourage or celebrate…unless you’re the one getting paid.


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Ashley Graham Big Fat Ass of the Day

Ashley Graham Big Fat Ass Bikini

I think Ashley Graham makes a lot of fucking money for being fat, which in a way is fat shaming in and of itself, they pretend it is empowering, but there is no way that it’s not some freakshow admission fee shit….

I do not believe anyone but black guys who like big white women, and who think all white girls look the same, and the bigger the ass the better, mainly cuz the white girl is so eager to get a dick in her, excited to be in her and big enough to feel in her massive asshole banged out by all the eating she’s done to get fat….

I do not think normal men find fat chicks hot, unless they are perverts, or it reminds them of their moms, which I guess makes them perverts…it’s a fetish….or maybe the fatification of America, makes her a hotter version of their fat wives, cuz this fat slob can actually get out of her own wheel chair without her legs breaking under the force…or maybe she can wipe her own ass…or afford t pay someone to wipe her own ass…the PRIME version of what you see buying junk food at Walmart…living that famous dream…

I think maybe girls give into Ashley Graham and her hype because they believe she’s hot, cuz she looks like a man and they are hetero..or they are drawn to the lie she tells them about being happy to be fat that I don’t fucking believe…no fat person is happy…otherwise they wouldn’t be fat…

I do think her fame is irresponsible. We should be making idols out of people to look up to, people to aspire to be like, people who better us…not people who say it’s ok to be you…when you are not ok…you’re shit, do better….

All fat empowerment does is say “bitch eat what you want, die premature, it’s cool”…and in Ashley Graham’s case it is cool ,she’s had too much hype and attention and her impending Type 2 Diabetes ads don’t excite me….it’s some negative shit that shouldn’t happen….sure don’t kill yourself cuz you’re fat, even though you’re being judged for being fat, don’t let it stop you from things like going to the gym to get fit…that’s the takeaway here, that’s all the fat empowering you need…don’t feel too fat to go to the fucking gym….so let that inspire you fat ass…while looking at this fat ass…the before picture you gotta put up on your damn fridge….

Ashley Graham Big Fat Ass Bikini


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Ashley Graham Getting Wet of the Day

Ashley Graham Getting Wet for Elle

Fat Ashley Graham who clearly ate too many Graham crackers…who should change her name to S’MORES, because she’s married to a chocolate dude who drops his Marshmellow up in her fat white cracker ass…that has managed to polarize being a monster and make a lot of money being that monster…it’s like if King Kong was a real story and the masses came to check out his show…buying tickets and merch and all….only she’s far less interesting…and is instead just a big girl in a time where the media needs a big girl to seem less garbage and disgusting than they are….

Ashley Graham Getting Wet for Elle

And here is her ass in tight pants
Ashley Graham Fat Ass Tight Pants


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Ashley Graham Naked Holding All Her Fat of the Day

Ashley Graham Big and Naked

Massive Ashley Graham – the extra large poster woman too big for a poster cuz it would require too many pieces of paper to print her on and that’s not fair to trees….for fat chicks everywhere…

Scamming the world with her fat as fuck antics that don’t involve working out….

The money making, best selling author, guest star on Ellen, fat as fuck, greasy pig selling the fat dream as being a marketable fetish….not only to the black cock she married but to marketers trying to sell to fat people in an era where everyone is fat….

Posting her fetish pics, nudes for black me to cum tribute on, not getting deleted on Instagram even if it is porn, cuz everyone is scared to offend the fat chick….

But it’s really just proof that fat girls cant be hot, even when they pretend to be….

But they can be naked…


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Ashley Graham Channels the BTK Killer with her Taped Up Tits of the Day

I have never listened to Ashley Graham speak, but I accidentally had the video on unmute when I played it, after wondering what they fuck she was doing using a whole roll of duct tape to hold up her fat tit, that instead just shaped her fat tit weird, and made it look like an obese 60 year old woman at the old folks home about to get her diaper changed ass….

I don’t think tits are supposed to have cellulite, but when you’re as fat as Ashley Graham it happens…and the reason she’s fat like this is because society is encouraging her to be fat like this…to be a voice of a poeple she’s just exploiting…and when the hype ends and we go back to responsible decisions after society dies of being obese…like not celebrating fat people, or sexualizing fat people…she’ll likely get skinny….

But that voice, it sounds like a fat girl, all thick chinned, her jowels and waddle just fucking gross….

I figure if she’s gonna tape anything up, it should be her mouth for a good 6 months, live off the land a bit and shape up you monster…..


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