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Rihanna Out in NYC of the Day

Chris Brown really fucked this one up. He’s gone to the trouble of beating his bitch in public, so that people know who the motherfuckin boss is, when every wife beater knows, you keep that shit behind closed doors so bitch can’t run off and get the cops and the law get involved right after it happens, you know you need to give them a little time to sort it out and realize that had it comin’ to them, and not left alone with their emotions to have knee-jerk reactions, and now motherfucker is fucked and forced to let her out of the house and out on the town in NYC, when we all know a battered wife is meant to be locked in the motherfuckin’ basement or chained to the fuckin’ bed and kept on a short fucking leash. The judicial system’s makin’ him soft.

Point of the story is that she’s a fucking idiot and I have no respect for her for running back to him, cuz she has no self respect, and normally no self respect turns me on, but in this case, it just leads me to think murder suicide next time they have a fight and it’s really unnecessary, we all realized Chris Brown was a fool long time ago, unfortunately, Rihanna hasn’t.

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Rihanna’s Beat Up Face of the Day

All jokes aside you should never beat a woman, unless she gets on your nerves and you can’t take it anymore, but only if she’s too scared to tell on you. I mean…you should never beat a woman. I think she looks fucking hot, never better….

No seriously, this is disgusting, I don’t mean to say stupid things, I just always do. I also hope she doesn’t pull that abused girl shit and runs back to him to be by his side and wait for him to get out of jail because this is inexcusable, seriously. There are plenty good people out there who would never touch this girl..Chris Brown’s nothing but a coward piece of shit, in his defense though, maybe this was the easiest way for him to get into jail and ensure getting raped, you know to put his dance skills to real use and not have to go through that whole coming out of the closet shit…

He May Get Charged With Attempted Murder….

On a side notes this pic is from TMZ, TMZ is run by Harvey Levin, He’s a Gay, Here’s a Pic of Him and His Man Pussy
Harvey Levin and His Man Pussy

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