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Aubrey O’Day is a Bisexual of the Day

This just in….Aubrey O’Day is Bisexual and nobody cares because we’ve all seen this cry for attention in clubs first surface in the late 90s, you know chick on chick on the dance floor while the frat cheers them on like a bunch of horny virgins.

We already saw the picture of her kissing my internet girlfriend who really doesn’t satisfy any of my needs, and isn’t my internet girlfriend because she doesn’t know I exist or get naked on webcam for me, but who I call my internet girlfriend because I am a fan of her page on Facebook, and I like to creep the ladies out like that, Lydia Hearst and I guess that day was the day there was a little more discharge in O’Day’s panties than usual….and her only reasoning for it was that she was into pussy….

Either way, this story would be more scandalous if she released a video of her dog licking peanut butter off her cooch just to put that urban legend to rest and prove that living sex toys are better than the plastic ones you’ve been using with other chicks, as long as nobody finds out about it.

Here’s an old picture of a see-through shirt on an useless whore because I just fell into her attention cry….

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Tila Tequila is Still a Bisexual Party Slut of the Day

Tila Tequila still isn’t tired of being a party slut, I’ve seen her in action and she doesn’t drink when she goes out, she just pretends to be drunk while everyone watches her and her fake tits dance around like a fool, making out with girls and playing it up like the slut that she is. It’s pretty much a total fucking lie and a far stretch from real party sluts who dance on stages with no panties after one too many drinks and ending up passed out at some chachi’s luxury loft with his dick in her mouth, but it’s the Hollywood version of reality because Tila Tequila is a plastic tool that I haven’t quite figured out who is using to make them money, but I do know that she’s not real, she’s just some internet celebrity, who’s managed to not be forgotten like all the other internet celebrities before her, and I’m not complaining because I really don’t give a fuck either way. She’s not hot, she’s just there and I’m usually willing to try to stick things in anything that’s just layin’ around. So I guess that makes her good enough.

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Ashlee Simpson on American Idol of the Day

Here is a video from last night’s American Idol where some dancing queen claims to have been in a punk band when he was in the ninth grade. That’s when I realized motherfucker was actually Ashlee Simpson trying to revitalize her career from another angle.

Unfortunately she still sucks, even when she’s dressed like her boyfriend and pretending to be gay, but at least she’s still punk rock or at least claims that she is and that’s gotta count for something because if you believe it long enough, other people will start to also…..

You know, fuck the establishment while competing on candy coated TV shows, in hopes of landing another record deal that will surely have you singing garbage pop songs that every radio station puts on fucking repeat…polluting my brain and making me want to jump in front of traffic because nothing’s more punk rock than that…..Except for maybe wearing make-up and moving to the basement at your mom’s suburban house.

The good news is that this is not actually Ashlee Simpson so we don’t have to worry about that whore getting more airplay, because she can’t really sing well enough to get on American Idol, which in itself is pretty insulting, so I guess it’s it’s back to stickin’ the strap on in her bisexual boyfriends ass.

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