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Mélissa Theuriau Topless and Frisky by the Pool of the Day

Here’s French newscaster Melissa Theuriau in her bikini, showing off some tit, with some pregnant lookin red nipples, and I figured I’d post it because French girls are sluts and I like sluts. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, they are the kind of girl you pick up in a bar, will get wasted with you, makeout with her female friends and let you fuck her up the ass all within knowing her ten fucking minutes and then she’ll leave like nothing happened and be cool with you like you never fucked her up the ass on the first date, and if it was good enough time, will do it again, while other non french girls make shit awkward or try to date you before ever getting near their ass. So that’s why this breed, despite their rumored hairy cunts, need to be celebrated.

Here’s the boners….

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