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Brittny Gastineau Old Washed Up Nipple Slip of the Day



It brings me great joy, thanks Christmas, that Brittny Gastineau looks like an old, washed up, dumpy pig of a girl in her bathing suit….

She is still strategically fame whoring, pulling her nipple out, trying to be like her friends, who probably aren’t her friends, but who she wanted so much to be, the Kardashians and Paris Hilton….only they pulled it off, while Brittny Gastineau got a few paparazzi pics over the years…that never worked out for her…she even had a reality show no one cared about….and that was before she was old and fat and sloppy…..

But here she is now…old and fat and sloppy….If you’re wondering why I get joy out of failed fame whores…because I usually don’t care about anything or anyone…it’s because Brittny Gastineau was a cunt to me. I don’t remember what she did to me, but there was something that made her the enemy, and I guess she’s self destructed. They all do…these girls have a window….they all sluts…with broken slut holes.


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Brittny Gastineau See Through to her Underwear of the Day

Brittny Gastineau is some old fat rich kid slut who you’ve probably never heard of, but who I’ve heard of because she’s told me off at least once and she was on TV for a minute thanks to her LA rich kid hook ups that weren’t even very good hook ups considering where she’s at now….wearing see through leggings hoping a motherfucker will notice…pretty horrible right…


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Brittny Gastineau Fat Girl See THrough Shirt of the Day

Brittny Gastineau showed off her only redeeming quality that she knows is her only redeeming quality…cuz everything else about her is just a bottom feeding, spoiled cunt, fat chick…..but tits…tits is all she’s got and luckily all she needs thanks to her trust fund….

The reality is me and Brittny go way back to the early days of social networking, long before she had a TV show that lasted a minute before living in Kim Kardashian’s shadow as the failed socialite who couldn’t swing the success of her Armenian counterpart…you see cuz all Britty ever wanted was fame….but she didn’t do a sex tape when it matted… probably cuz she’s actually fat and knew that shit wouldn’t convert into a billion dollar empire….

She has blocked me, her mom has blocked me, they have no love for me, but now, at 30, she’s decided it is time to show her fucking tits, and I am noticing, but wish she did this when she was 20 and far more exiciting to look at….now it is just sad…but luckily…still tits with saucer-like pink nippless….making me question how this shirt is legal…while appreciating that this shirt is legal.


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Brittny Gastineau’s Fat Chick Tits Trying to be a Kardashian of the Day

You probably don’t know who Brittny Gastineau is, but unfortunately I do. She’s this fat chick who has blocked me on twitter for calling her out on being a lazy fat bitch….but more importantly for calling her out on wishing she was a Kardashian…see cuz she is friends with the Kardashians and by friends I mean she knew them before they were famous and now she is envious of them because before the Kardashians had a show, she had her own show that no one watched…and the dream she had never panned out for her…but it did for the Kardashians…making her this real depressing bottom feeding trash….

But with fat bitches come fat tits, so here she is showing off her tits, covering her gunt, while trying be a Kardashian….even her white girl skin looks shit smeared….It must really suck to be this trash.

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Brittny Gastineau Showing Off Her Fat Tits of the Day

Brittny Gastineau is not very nice to me, despite me constantly sending her encouraging words about her emotional eating, and the fat ass it’s created being a positive thing, because the world’s got a lot of skinny girls and there are always black dudes willing to have sex with non-black girls of any size, proven by her best friends “The Fat Kardashian Sisters”….It’s like she doesn’t appreciate someone sending her links to cake recipes, or someone trying to get her mailing address to post on the site to have you guys mail her baked goods, and fried foods, and really anything that feeds her fat ass, instead she just ignores me…but I gotta give her some credit today, she’s taken her disgusting fatness and turned it into an okay thing by showing off the fat tits that have taken 10000s of calories to make…and when a fat chick can pull off good cleavage, it is pretty much the ultimate distraction….so everyone applaud this greedy, spoiled pig’s efforts.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Brittny Gastineau Showing Off Her Fat Shitty Body of the Day

I am probably the only person who bothers with this Brittny Gastineau pig. I message her on twitter, I write about her ill-fitting clothing, but in her clothing’s defense, it’s hard to have good fitting clothing when you have a pig body….

Here she is trying to get attention in a see thru shirt. For the most part I like when girls don’t wear bras, but in Brittny Gastineau’s case I wish she was wearing a fucking snowsuit.

Pics via Fame

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Brittny Gastineau is Still Fat and Dumpy of the Day

Brittny Gastineau is a girl who I used to make fun of on TWITTER, I’d call her fat and a pig and all that shit cuz she would hide her dumpy body in expensive dresses that complimented her body by pushing out her fat chick tits in a way that her dumpy ass stomach was barely noticable and she would write back here and there calling me an asshole and now seeing her in her sweatpants makes me believe that she’s finally come to terms with her shit and accepted that she is fat and that the biggest achievement of her life was being featured in that Bruno movie, I mean other than the time her and her BFF Kim Kardashian polished off an all you can eat buffet cuz they are disgusting cunts. Here she is out on her period, or just being the lazy slob that got her in this mess in the first place and here are the pics for my black readers who like their pussy thick and who I blame for making these bitches think they got it going on…

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Brittny Gastineau in Her Fat Chick Dress of the Day

Brittny Gastineau may be a tacky, cheesy, piece of shit nobody, who is nothing but a spoiled brat football player’s daughter, who latches onto whores like Kim Kardashian because they are soulmates and share both an passion for ice cream and thier XXL g-string bikins, along with an love for black cock, cuz black dudes love fat chicks, and a habit of shoving large inanimate objects inside their cunts, like whole watermelon, as a tactic to seduce said black dudes who love fat chicks.

She may have no substance, nothing to really offer, horrible style, even if she’s doing us a favor by covering her bloated midsection from an unhealthy BMI, and the thing keeping her relevant is her Twitter profile, but I like to think of her as a good friend of mine, mainly because she responds to my propositions to fist her, but also because she has a vagina, albeit a big vagina, fat tits, and a hefty trust fund, and despite all the hatred that eats me up inside on the daily, that’s really good enough for me. I’m easy.

Here she is with some hispanic lookin’ weathered and beat down bitch who looks like she may or may have had a career in gangbang porn, or maybe just a deep rooted love for all things cock, and she’s dressed like a sunset, not because she’s as beautiful as one, but because she’s the size of one…..

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Kim Kardashian’s Fat Ass Hangs with Brittny Gastineau’s Fat Tits of the Day

One day, not too long ago, a fat ass met it’s soulmate who was a fat set of tits. It wasn’t a conventional love affair, but they somehow knew they belonged together, not that were going to take over the world together, but they would definitely go out for ice cream, because ice cream is really all they have in common, but in this case, it is a match made in heaven and that bond is more than enough, because ice cream and really anything sweet is such a huge part of both of their lives….

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Brittny Gastineau and Her Boring Cleavage of the Day

Brittny Gastineau is a bitch I rip into sometimes. She’s best friends with the Kardashian, probably because they let her on their show, not that I watch their show, or know whether she’s on it, but assume she is, because she seems like she would be, you know since the Kardashians and her have same lifestyle, you know doing absolutely nothing all the fucking time, you know contributing nothing to society and my proof that I am write about this lazy rich kid tag along is that she’s responded to me on twitter. As a poor, desperate, low self-esteemed fat dude in canada, I wouldn’t even answer me on twitter. I guess the good life’s also the boring life.

Here are her fat tits.

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