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Lala Vasquez is Washing Her Car Put Still Smells Like Trash of the Day

Here is some fat pig attention whore named Lala Vasquez. She hangs out with Kim Kardashian and her vile sisters and I don’t know what she does, but it seems like she’s tied into VH1 as they are probably the only people willing to give her work because she must be blackmailing an exec there as she looks like fucking garbage you expect working the street corner and not on your TV.

In typical fucking trash styke, she went out to wash her car in her Ed Hardy clothes, I guess in efforts to get some paparazzi pictures taken of her, because when you’re a fat attention whore pig and that’s what you live for. She even went on to pour a bottle of water on tits her in attempt to be sexy or shocking or playful with the camera but It just looks like a joke to to me. She should probably just stick to eating, her body leads me to believe she’s real good at that and leave the sexy car wash to the highschool girls raising money for their graduation party in the gas station down the street from me.

Pics via Bauer

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Brittny Gastineau in Her Fat Chick Dress of the Day

Brittny Gastineau may be a tacky, cheesy, piece of shit nobody, who is nothing but a spoiled brat football player’s daughter, who latches onto whores like Kim Kardashian because they are soulmates and share both an passion for ice cream and thier XXL g-string bikins, along with an love for black cock, cuz black dudes love fat chicks, and a habit of shoving large inanimate objects inside their cunts, like whole watermelon, as a tactic to seduce said black dudes who love fat chicks.

She may have no substance, nothing to really offer, horrible style, even if she’s doing us a favor by covering her bloated midsection from an unhealthy BMI, and the thing keeping her relevant is her Twitter profile, but I like to think of her as a good friend of mine, mainly because she responds to my propositions to fist her, but also because she has a vagina, albeit a big vagina, fat tits, and a hefty trust fund, and despite all the hatred that eats me up inside on the daily, that’s really good enough for me. I’m easy.

Here she is with some hispanic lookin’ weathered and beat down bitch who looks like she may or may have had a career in gangbang porn, or maybe just a deep rooted love for all things cock, and she’s dressed like a sunset, not because she’s as beautiful as one, but because she’s the size of one…..

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