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Brooke Burke Erotica of the Day

Brooke Burke Erotica Bikini Tits and Ass

Brooke Burke has a ridiculous fan base…

I assume they remember her from when she was on Wild On, from back in an era where getting half naked and partying around the world was enough of a concept to sell a show, an era where I should have been selling TV shows, and I guess I kind of was, to random drunks at the bars I used to frequent, who weren’t Hollywood Execs…but who still would jerk off in the plants like Weinstein…

I did pitch two shows one was a Jackass of Picking Up girls called Pickin’ Up…I pitchd it to some exec at Comedy Central who didn’t buy it and made me give up on my dreams and focus on this site….that has raped my life and dreams and distracted me from opportunities that I should have put my time into.

That idea wouldn’t work now that that whole #metoo shit ruining all our fun, and the other one, i don’t remember…but none as simplistic as “Playboy bitch with bolt on tits in bikini at parties around the globe”…like they spent money producing this shit, flying people around, and you perverts fucking watched it.

That said…I was one of those perverts, she still looks awesome, 20 years and 20 kids later, recently divorced wanting you to jerk off to her old lady body cuz it doesn’t look as old as the menopause probably makes it smell…all dusty and shit…but you can cum in her and she won’t get knocked up…which I’d say is probably a first for her…but it isn’t…

Brooke Burke Erotica Bikini Tits and AssBrooke Burke Erotica Bikini Tits and Ass
I can think of someone who did these shots a lil bit better…
ANastasia Ashley Bikini Hotter Than Brooke BurkeANastasia Ashley Bikini Hotter Than Brooke Burke


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Brooke Burke Bikini of the Day

Brooke Burke Tits and Ass in Tight Black Bikini

Brooke Burke is old as fuck, but there’s something nice about her still being fit despite being old as fuck and a mom of a bunch of kids, and that something nice is that she is a beacon of the 90s, back when shows about bitches in bikinis partying the world…literally…that was the fucking show..that was the depth of the show…Brook Burke in a bikini going to parties around the world..

That frat boy Maxim style shit would never get signed today…people just wouldn’t want to be the people producing that show…setting themselves up to get slaughtered by every feminist as being misogynistic and the patriarchy….while clearly it worked out for Brooke Burke and in a way she’s still fucking doing it…hence the still in a bikini decades later…it can’t be all that bad of a thing….I mean 20 years olds, thanks to laziness and exclusiveness and a lack of shaming….don’t look this fit…so it’s something worth looking at as far as I’m concerned – so look.


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Brooke Burke Fitness Erotica of the Day

Brooke Burke Tits in a Sports Bra and Ass in Leggings

Brooke Burke has some fucking weird fans. Years ago someone hacked the site because I called her a whore, because she was a host of a show called Wild On, which was basically a party in a bikini around the world for perverts show, that aired late at night and that made her famous in an era of bolt on tit, fit body on TV key to success…

She’s recently divorced, so on the prowl, like some kind of sex worker, who is probably a sex worker, but disguises her sex work as being a mom of 5.

There’s a reason she got a TV show where she partied in a bikini with her bolt on tits, and I call that reason…good at impressing producers…

She’s managed to leverage that sex work to be a legit fitness idol to old women who don’t look this good everywhere, but the core of people into her – are the weirdo fans that have been there since the beginning – who she doesn’t actually care about because it reminds her that she’s built a career off being jerk off fodder and that’s all she really has going for her….

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Brooke Burke’s Cougar Cameltoe of the Day

Brooke Burke Tight Grey Bra and Cameltoe in Leggings

I think Brooke Burke has something like 12 kids…probably all with rich guys…there was an era before Sugar Daddy websites where girls who did playboy, with their fit bodies and fake tits, who looked like bootleg Carmen Electras or Ethnic Pam Andersons, would have to fend for themselves and meet rich guys on their own, by self promoting themselves, getting published in cheesy magazines or hosting shitty TV shows, so that the rich guys thought they had more value and were worth taking in, supporting, and owning….now all a bitch needs to do is post half naked on social media and catch the attention of a rich guy willing to pay them for sex…this lazy generation has it so easy.

This isn’t an analysis of low level model and TV hosts being knocked up by rich guys over the last 20 years…it isn’t a comparrison to how sluts get rich guys in this day and age…it is simply to say that after all her kids and sex it’s amazing that her cameltoe isn’t way fucking bigger…I’d expect her pussy lips to be peeking out at her ankles, or maybe that her pants would fully be engulfed looking like some kind of fleshy leggin / g-string but I guess one of the rich guys was a plastic surgeon who REBUILT that shit…designer vagina that shit…like she did with them tits…

Who cares…ultimately it’s Brooke Burke…she didn’t even matter when she mattered.


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Brooke Burke’s Tits Reliving Their Youth of the Day

Brooke Burke big tits in tight top and leather shorts at coachella

50 year old, ex Playboy party slut – turned Dancing with the Stars winner – turned mommy blogger and inspiration to a generation with her health and wellness and travel advice….despite looking like a fake titty stripper…BROOKE BURKE…is one week out of some divorce with the rich guy she had a couple of kids with…but not the Plastic Surgeon she had her first 2 kids with in exchange for free treatments…but the newer guy who was an Baywatch actor….

So like all divorcees, she’s on the move, putting on the short shorts to show off that body that is still fit, them tits that are still fake, that famous, and the other rich old people at Coachella who don’t realize they are in their 40s or 50s, still posting pics from the parties, will help her blend in …..to get her fuck on….getting her fuck on…

This is a reminder of how fun divorced women are…and that’s all I have to say about that…


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Brooke Burke Bikini of the Day

Brooke Burke is one of those non-celebrities, that I’ve actually got hate mail because of something I wrote on her…I’ve had my site hacked cuz of her…and I was so confused because she’s Brooke Burke, a bikini, possibly playboy bootleg Carmen Electra looking trash who is only known for being the fit bust tiny thing that was popular in the late 90s…she hosted a TV show where she traveled the world in a bikini going to lame parties.. yet people fucking care…

People fucking care….so look at her….in her instagram smut, too old, yet never too old to be a travel blogger bikini whoring….

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500 Year Old Brooke Burke’s Bikini Yoga of the Day

Brooke Burke's Bikini Yoga

Brooke Burke is a 500 year old skeleton with fake tits, you probably don’t remember her, but she had a minute of fame from being on some show called Wild On, where she bikini partied around the world it what looked like it was a lot of fun, so fun that Tara Reid took her lead and spent a decade doing it….

Brooke Burke was also on dancing with the stars, definitely two very low hanging fruit places to be for a set of fake tits..

But she’s managed to leverage that into whatever the fuck it is that she’s doing, fitness, lifestyle brand, mom of a few kids, a rich husband, weird creepy pervert fans who actually hacked the the site many years ago over a post I did on her…which blew my mind, as does the fact that whenever I do a post on her, her plastic surgery, her tight for an old asian lady fake tit body that reminds me of 1992, people send in hate mail….

I can write horrible things about horrible yet more famous people than her and no one cares, I call this bitch, her mom stomach in shameless bikini yoga paparazzi pics out for being lame and inbox fills up with death threats.

I don’t know why..but maybe she’s an alien and has brainwashed the world…MAYBE…people who like hacking like old ladies in bikinis…


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