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Cara Delevingne Nipples for British GQ of the Day

Cara Delevingne the lesbian who is not a lesbian but is sometimes a lesbian because its good for her brand in an era of no sexuality or gender…is featured in British GQ thanks to being a very important socialite from the UK who has managed to get into movies as the star…all thanks to some lie and social media and the press and Hollywood being confused as fuck when it comes to the pussy they put into movies, hoping it will get people into theaters when really everyone just wants to watch Netflix, the kind of actress you’d expect her to be, a straight to Netflix girl, back when Netflix was only releasing the most garbage movies around…none of this Hollywood shit..but I guess it’s just further proof that acting is a lie…it’s easy…and it’s dumb…..


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Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie Doing Nerd Shit of the Day


Here are Cara Delevigne and Margot Robbie doing some nerd shit for the nerds who are obsessed with these comic book movies…because comic book movies are the only movies that make money…so they cast what they consider “it girls”…who don’t deserve the fame or success they have…while the media shoves them down our throats…perpetuating the lies…now marketing the nerds who will just make them last longer….even though they are the fucking worst…

I am drunk..and not sure what I am saying…but I hate what’s going on here because it means these two idiots are going to matter at least another year….the worst..


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Cara Delevingne Twerks in a Skirt on a Windy Day in a Parking Lot of the DAy

Cara Delevigne possibly on drugs, possibly trying to draw attention to herself, possible just being wild and silly as Cara Delevingne seems to do in efforts to be relevant, fun and liked by people more famous than her, because when you have been able to get cast in movies, TV, record an album, all while being a British lesbian rich kid, all because of your popularity….you might as well keep that shit going…so that you don’t lose everything you’ve built, while pretending you don’t give a fuck, but you clearly give a fuck, because if you didn’t want to be famous, you wouldn’t be drawing attention to yourself to get famous and possibly promote your shitty movie you’re promoting…

Apparently she flashes in this video, I just could last 10 seconds in with the white girl commentary going along with it…at least not to see Cara Delevinge twerk like a white girl…and flash…an ass or tits I’ve already seen…maybe I’m over this whole thing…yes…I am over this whole thing…but I keep coming back to it!

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Cara Delevingne Picture of the Day

Cara Delevigne is one of the biggest models right now. I think she’s a little overrated but whatever, she’s still a model making millions and any girl who can scam the system for a lot of money, where she spends a few hours a day posing for a lot of fucking money, impresses me…especially when those photoshoots tap into things I like…like sniffing assholes…

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Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora in a Music Video Remix of the Day

Hunger Magazine produced a fashion video for their fashion magazine featuring busty Rihanna impersonator making a name for herself, RITA ORA and top cocaine bag dropping model Cara Delevigne, and they are wearing bras, being intense hipster party girls, getting down to a Rita Ora Remix, and I think it’s a good way to start your day….even if you hate this kind of thing…because how can you really hate angry looking lipstick lesbians…dancing…

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