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Some Dead President Offspring Bikini of the Day

I got this niche fetish that involves getting off to Dead President daughters in bikinis and since it’s a rare thing to find, since George Washington’s half breed slave babies are long dead, I am stuck with JFK’s daughter in her one-piece and that’s good enough for me…even though I highly doubt she’s good enough for her husband…he probably looks her over every night before bed, happy she’s not 300 pounds, but disappointed she’s not the hot pussy she was when they got married…


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Caroline Kennedy Shows Off her Fat Pussy in a Bathing Suit of the Day

I love jerking off to big vagina mounds on dead president’s daughters in bathing suits. It’s a niche fetish that is pretty fucking rare but every once in a while the worlds align themselves and give me the fucking gold. Today is one of those days.

Pics via Fame

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Caroline Kennedy’s Daughter Does Facebook of the Day

Her name is Rose Schlossberg, she’s 20 and someone sent in these pictures claiming underage drinking and drug use. Now, I started drinking when I was 13 or 14 on a regular basis, by 20, I had already slept with hookers, beat up an ex girlfriend, got fired from at least 30 shitty jobs, burned through an insurance settlement I got as a passenger in a drunk driving accident and pretty much made a fool of myself, got in fights and had at least 40 one night stands, usually unprotected, with girls I wouldn’t like to admit I even spoke to, let alone licked their assholes.

I got out every weekened and 18 is legal here, which makes sense, since you can buy smokes at 18 and smoking and drinking go hand in hand, you can also gamble, move out from your parent’s control, have sex with other people who are over 18, vote and pay taxes, and sign their own permission slips for school, hire whores in Vegas, go to strip clubs and get charged as adults in prison, so why the fuck is your right to drink taken the fuck away from you from some conserverative Christian government in a dated bullshit law. The truth is that I am almost as mature as an 18 year old and I am pushing 40, so the difference between being 21 and 18 is pretty much not fuckin’ there. I figure that most people in the States realize how stupid this law is and buy their kids beer/booze and wine, and even if they are against their kids drinking, they can’t do shit about it.

So here are some pictures of Rose Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy’s daughter drinking wine with her dyke friends and smoking a terrorist pipe that some college kids use as a bong and some terrorists use before crashing planes into building for Allah and the whole thing is hopefully going to be taken the fuck out of proportion, because you know if you want to represent your State in Senate, you should have a family that follows the law, especially when you’re high profile like the Kennedys, you know with her grandpa JFK who mingled with mobsters, slept with celebrities while, and supported communism, or her great grandpa who bootlegged liquor during the prohibition which in its time was the meth labs of today, but in her defense, she is a Kennedy and in being a Kennedy she’s got no choice but to be an Irish Booze Hound so here are some lame pics of her in lame action.

I hear after these shots were taken she went home to study for her political science she’s taking for fun, before hitting the sheets for 9 pm because she had a big day volunteering at the animal shelter the next day, because that’s the kind of wild girl she is. You can tell by the glasses, I don’t believe in that whole repressed girl letting her hair down myth, I’m a what you see is what you get kinda guy, but I guess I could be wrong.

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