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Alessandra Ambrosio in a Bikini of the Day

alessandra ambrosio ass drips water in her bikini on a beach in brazil

Alessandra Ambrosio must still really drive sales for Victoria’s Secret, because otherwise I’m sure they would have canned her on her 40th birthday, because as we know, being a 40 year old bikini and lingerie model can be viewed as either really impressive, like “wow, that girl can pull off bikini and lingerie at 40, that’s insanity, she must have a really good face injector plastic surgeon, workout regimen, access to biohacking medicine, cuz that’s not normal, let’s celebrate her”……GIVE THIS GIRL A BOOK DEAL…

Or as “damn bitch, you’re 40, put your damn robe on and focus on being a mom to your 15 year old, we get it your fit, skinny, whatever, but it’s weird to want to be bikini clickbait”…except that the brand pays her millions upon million a year…so it all makes sense and as long as she’s not fat in her quest to get half naked…I’ll still stare…and really even if she got fat I’d still stare…

If anything I want to showcase her to make all the other 40 year olds aging like shit realizing that they are fucking pathetic failures, lazy as fuck slobs, who don’t have what it takes to deserve being fucked….since most moms pretend the pregancy made them fat…when really they made themselves fat and liked it so stayed that way…


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Is That Alessandra Ambrosio’s Hard Face of the Day

Is That Alessandra Ambrosio's Hard Face

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is going to be in 12 days, so all these bitches are getting as fit as they can, starving themselves, looking as good as they can, even though some of them are 100 fucking years old….but clearly they sell product, otherwise they would be taken to pasture as they should be…because look at that face…

I guess the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is pushing to get all the media coverage when the event is live, because they are idiots and only push it to TV weeks later, a fail since no one has cable and isn’t tuning into Cable to watch this shit, when it all hits the internet the next day….so get those black friday sales…tactical use of half naked women to give us perverts all the boners…

This informercial shit is crazy in these crazy times..check out the hard face….of the marketing promo girl…she’s not that great…

Here she is in a White Bikini…looking tight bodied…freak of nature shit…that you gotta love


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Fat Ana Beatriz Barros and Alessandra Ambrosio in Mykonos of the Day

Ana Beatriz Barros is a model from 100 years ago…and I guess she’s friends with Alessandra Ambrosio because both are from BRazil, both started modeling 1000 fucking years ago, but Ana Beatriz Barros’ fat mom belly never quite recovered the way Alessandra’s did, allowing us to see the difference between aged Brazilian women…some fill out…others do everything they can to stay hot so that they keep getting paid the millions a year…and both are probably worth cumming to…since you already have…at least once in their VS model catalog girl careers…

Either way, two Brazilian hookers who made it – all old and fat now – hot.

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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Bikini of the Day

ALessandra Ambrosio still looks good…and you have to appreciate a woman who still maintains her bikini model contract and body…because she doesn’t take shit for granted like a lazy American would…you know all entitled…

This one was taken out of the slums of Brazil for having a tall, lean, hot model body….given millions of dollars and the good life…and that’s all she needed to say “Let’s milk this”…because despite being 40 or close to 40 and a mom…I still think she’s good to look at in a bikini…a rare thing in a world of body positive which makes an excuse for being a pig of a woman…

You know, a little immigrant hustle should inspire us, when it’s half naked…and it does…


Here’s some more in a white suit cuz I like white suits…they showcase pussy best..

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Alessandra Ambrosio in Bikinis for Ocean Drive of the Day

Based on logic…Alessandra Ambrosio has too many kids to be in a bikini…but science, or more importantly commerce has made it okay for her to strip the fuck down, because she’s got million dollar contracts to be in a bikini, and despite her catholic, can’t use birth control logic, won’t let that stop her or retire her or throw her on the back burner..but what fascinates me in all this is why they still use the over 30 models, is the market who cares or buys these products against a new generation of girls because young girls make them feel old, and are not relatable, alienating them from buying their product, even though these kinds of woman are hot that even girls younger than them can’t really relate to them when they see them in ads…or did Victoria’s Secret get a long term discount, like a cellphone company when buying these women from their Brazilian pimps, you know take her for 20 years, for 1,000,000, 10 years, 900,000, 5 year, 500,000, hustle…

Not that this has anything to do with the economics or marketing budgets of Victoria’s Secret, this is editorial, but I guess when you’re only real job has been Victoria’s Secret…everything she does goes back to that…who cares.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Tight Pants of the Day

Alessandra Ambrosio is a mom of two, who is born tall and freakishly skinny, and who has a million dollar contract with an evil corporate brand, that is enough money for a modest Brazilian to make sure she maintains her fitness levels, even if it requires starvation, because it pays so fucking well to not be fat…even when she’s probably too old to still be a lingerie model, the public like her, they are comfortable with her, and figure if she’s not spilling out of her thong from every angle thanks to saggy old lady mom ass and saggy old lady mom pussy…keep her working…and here is her skinny little mom ass…that’s hardly even there…in a pair of leggings…confusing me…because Brazilians have big scale booty contests…and this is the era of the ass…and she’s a mom…it’s like there’s nothing here…when there’s supposed to be so much here…and I guess that’s tragic…unless you like millionaire skinny mom ass…then it’s a win…something for everyone or some shit…


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Alessandra Ambrosio for Vogue Brazil of the Day

It’s New Years Eve…why the fuck are you on the internet…looking at bullshit to either distract you from your shitty life…instead of living your shitty life or trying to make your shitty life better…it’s like just filler noise you pollute your brain with before you die…looking at girls like Alessandra Ambrosio in Vogue Brazil..dressed half naked with her nipples photoshopped out because either she’s a Barbie Doll created in a lap, or one of her lecherous, parasitic children chewed it off while robbing her of her sex appeal…even if she still looks good, you know that vagina has seen better years and is forever destroyed….

Happy New Year!

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