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Amy Winhouse Does a Shot of the Day

So here’s graceful bird-faced Amy Winehouse doing some shots to celebrate her 8 hours of sobriety, I mean if you can’t smoking rock 4 times instead of 5, being sober, but I guess it’s these kinds of baby steps that will eventually bring her back into the limelight singing her songs for her fans, unless she dies first, which she will. I mean I’ve seen crackheads and when they get to this level, it pretty much ends in a pool of blood on the street corner or in some dingy hotel room, but the difference between the crackheads I know and Winehouse, is that she’s got enough money to not do the things that usually end up killing the girls I know, like prostitution….

The truth is that Jewish people don’t die. They are like cockroaches who roam the earth lookin for ways to make money and fuck people over. I’m just kidding, so you can take your anti-semetic comments back, it’s just a joke, it’s not my fault you don’t have a sense of humor and can’t separate yourself from truth and really bad comedy.

Speaking of truth, I don’t find Winehouse all that bad. I mean if I go out to bars in this city, I always run into Jewish girls, just earlier today I was walking down the street to the bus stop and saw a jewish girl walk out of a hair salon, and I coulda sworn, if she didn’t shower for a month, let her hair grow out, and did some weird make-up, she’d be Amy Winehouse’s twin, and this happens all the fucking time to me. Sometimes I am tempted to videotape myself asking these randoms for autographs, but figure calling someone Amy Winehouse is considered an insult.

Maybe everyone makes a big deal about this slag killing herself and lookin’ like death, because people are superficial and she looks like their daughters (I’m talking to you Adam Sandler ) and the whole thing just hits a little too close to synagogue, when all Winehouse needs is a little hair and make-up and she’ll be back to the Sabbath in no time….

These pictures remind me of a dare I once made with a friend. Yes, we are 13 year olds mentally, and dare each other to do stupid shit sometimes. The dare was to pay his bar tab if he went outside and convinced a homeless street kid to do spring break body shots with him. So he comes back with this disgusting girl, I am talking ratty as fuck and stinking of stinky unwashed pussy, and next thing you know, she’s on the bar and whip cream’s on her dirty stomach, and motherfucker goes to town on her. After he’s done and we all are disgusted that he went through with it, he decides to keep her around and drink the night away with her, take her home and to this day, they have never spent a day apart. I like to think of myself as a modern day matchmaker, but my friend didn’t have many options and let’s face it, either did the street kid he picked up….and they lived happily ever after in trash, drugs and dirty bedsheets….

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Amy Winehouse in a Mesh Shirt Showing Off her Hot Body of the Day

Amy Winehouse is the new poster girl for American Apparel’s line of mesh clothing. I mean it’s probably not the endorsement any company would want, but this is American Apparel and as I’ve slowly gone from girls I want to fuck, to weird hipsters who I’d only fuck if they were giving me free cocaine, it’s just the natural step for the company to start dipping deeper into drug culture, and take shit from the whole casual party use, to life ruining, sucking dick on street corners, despite being famous drug use….so little girls everywhere, who think this brand is the best thing since Hannah Montana something to aspire to be….

I think she looks fucking hot, you know it’s pretty shitty that she’s put on the bra, but probably not as shitty as she’s feeling, you know with her face falling off, the fact that she looks fat or pregnant, and the clear sign that death is just around the corner, but usually find the underdog at the beauty pageant the hottest, I figured she knows she’s not worthy of a crown and that rejection leads to her begging for a facial, the non beauty pageant kind.

Either way, Winehouse is a talent and it’s nice to see she’s really living up to the star that she could have been by rejecting all that glitz and glam and taking it to the street.

On a side note, my friend who I call Amy Winehouse, because he’s a fucking wreck called me last night. I didn’t pick up the phone because when he calls it’s always about him. He never asks me what I am up to, he just asks for money or something to borrow to pawn, or to help get him out of a jam. I called him back today, telling him I was sorry because I know that with him, that call could have been his one call from prison after being arrested for being a nutcase, but he just said it wasn’t a big deal, a hooker died on him and he wanted my advice before calling the cops because he didn’t want to look suspect or get taken in for questioning after they figured out he solicited sex. I thought he was joking, so I said something like “i love all hookers, dead or alive, so long as they’re still warm” and he broke down crying admitting that he didn’t stop fucking her when she stopped moving.

I’ve been scouring the news for a dead hooker, and haven’t found shit, so I assume he was lying, or having one of his delusional drug incidents, but he claims he just got he fuck out of there and didn’t bother calling the police…so in a cheap motel room, some crackwhore is rotting…..and the whole thing is way to twisted for me…

I figured the story was a good fit to the way Winehouse is lookin in these pics….

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Amy Winehouse Has Some Hot Tits of the Day

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted today, it’s because I went out drinking last night and thought today was Saturday. I was wrong and only realized now. I mean I set my alarm but it never went off because I don’t have an alarm clock to set. I mean my dog ate my homework….The truth is that I did go out, I did get drunk, I did sleep in at the hospital and I woke up to a power failure that was my asshole that crapped out on me last night and bled all over a McDonald’s floor and I could have died like I was Amy Winehouse.

The whole thing was pretty frustrating, but not as frustrating as Amy Winehouse cock teasing me with those big ol’ jew tits that are on the verge of death and her sexy toothless crackhead face that I’d have no problem paying 5 dollars to put all over my balls but she hasn’t realized that she’s not too good for that yet, and probably never will. One of life’s great tragedies is that she is a crackwhore who got away…..

These are pictures of her at a concert this weekend.

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Amy Winhouse’s Cat Likes Crack of the Day

This picture of Amy Winhouse’s cat and MTV Award sitting next to her crackpipe came out the other day and I thought it was a great opportunity for you to write an LOLCat to the shit but I am not very good with cutesy funny talk and can’t pull this shit off, all I came up with was:

“Iz Smokin’ Crackz Becuz Daddy Uzed To Pet Me Naughtyz and Nowz Iz Letz You Dos It for Moneyz Cuz Baby Needz Anudder Fix”

I assume if any other sites know what’s up, they’ve already done this and I am just 12 steps behind, but it happens. I guess what also happens is that finding a crackpipe in Amy Winehouse’s house and shit doesn’t really phase us anymore, we all know she’s going to die and at least she’s living life to the fullest by getting fucked up every chance she gets….something other crackheads can’t really do unless they’re turnin’ lots of tricks and livin’ on the streets. So Instead of lookin’ down on her for throwing her life away, we should embrace her for being the best and most successful crackhead out there.

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Amy Winehouse Has Hot Jewish Skin of the Day

I decided to reconnect with nature about an hour ago because I saw a rain cloud rollin’ over a beautiful sunny day and figured that it would be a great opportunity to get a video of chicks running from the rain, tits bouncing, hands covering see through shirts because when they woke up and went to work, they thought the day was going to beautiful and that they didn’t need to wear a bra under their white shirts and all that good stuff, but it turns out I don’t have a camera and after walking around for an hour I only say one set of hard nipples and they were on some 80 year old who probably didn’t know it was raining because she was too busy trying to remember where she was walking to and how to get home.

The image was almost as hot as these pics of a fucked up Amy Winehouse’s busted up drug addict face that looks like some kind of human medical testing from the people at Asprin in 1940s Germany, I can only hope it matches her pussy because if it didn’t all this self destruction would go to complete waste since there’s nothing like blood, puss, tears and the smell of rotting flesh to keep sex exciting, especially when with fucking someone who is on the cusp of life and death…..

The truth is that she looks like all the Jewish girls I’ve seen before the nose jobs, braces, skin treatments and accutane prescriptions and for some reason she makes me want to go to Israel to find my own Jew to be a mexican migrant gardener for. I hear they are into cheap labor and people they can pretty much take advantage of because they are illegals .

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Amy Winehouse Shows Some Bush of the Day

Everyone gives Amy Winehouse a hard time about having disgusting teeth, disgusting hair and pretty much disgusting everything. They think she doesn’t wash, they think she’s just given up, but when lookin’ at these pictures of her bush slowly growing in, it looks like something that’s barely been neglected for that long. I know bitches who are hairier than this who wax once a week and I know bitches who never shave or wax and look like they have a pillow in their panties, a very crusty, smelly pillow, but a pillow none the less. The point is that this skinny, dying, walking corpse’s pubic hair is a serious turn on, especially in a world where bush is pretty much going extinct because girls claim they don’t like how it feels but in reality think that guys hate bush and are just trying to please us, when guys would really fuck anything thrown there way, and sometimes even pay for it from bitches on street corners who look like Winehouse. I am in love.

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Amy Winehouse is Awesome of the Day

Amy Winehouse was put under house arrest by her label, because she’s a talent who sells a lot of records and they can’t let her ruin that money making potential for their business. They don’t give a fuck about her health or well-being, they just care about her as a return on an investment that they have probably made 1000 times over but they aren’t done milking this shit and getting her off the streets and the drugs may equate to a couple more albums for her. But big business interest isn’t what this post is about, it’s obvious that business people are like psychopaths out for themselves and if they were to treat people in their everyday lives like they do in business, they’d be arrested or sent to they psych ward, but success and money distract from the fact that they are nuts.

Either way, Amy Winehouse is a fucking star, these are some pictures of her running around like a crazed woman, all while recently beng diagnosed with emphysema. I remember there was a period of time where I thought I had asthma because I was constantly short of breath and though I was going to die and I decided to sit on my couch so I wouldn’t have to strain myself by leaving the house, and never move, whenever anyone asked me to do something, I’d say I couldn’t cuz of the asthma and it was pretty much a solid way to drop any responsibility, I ended up gaining a solid 40 pounds and loved it, but needless to say, when I my wife forced me to go to the doctor and I found out that I wasn’t sick, it put a total damper on my strategy.

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Amy Winehouse and Her Star of David of the Day

Here is Amy Winehouse showing the world that she’s Jewish by rockin’ a Star of David, I figured that she already did a good job letting us all know that she was Jewish by walking around with her droopy, big nosed, Jewish Face.

I think its a little too late for Amy Winehouse to get in touch with her Jewish roots for salvation, because from what I’ve been told, being Jewish is really only good for making money, and getting blowjobs in summer camp and the only thing it is going to do for her is give her a couple extra months, and only if some kind of Jewish guilt cloud hangs over her head making her stop using drugs, but the damage is done and I hear crack has more pull than Moses or whoever the fuck the Jews see as their God, and she’s pretty much already going to hell, even though Jews don’t have a hell, so at this point it’ll do as much for her as that time I rocked a Mercedes hood ornament around my neck in hopes of making chicks thing I had so much money that I didn’t mind ripping off my hood ornaments, cuz I’d just buy myself a new one, which wasn’t very much good, because it didn’t work as magically as I hoped it would.

The good news is that she’s showing some nipple, and nipple, even on a crackhead is still nipple, so enjoy.

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Amy Winehouse Punches a Fan of the Day

Here’s a video of Amy Winehouse in concert at some big music festival this past weekend and she throws an elbow or a punch at one of her fans as she badly sings her song.

It’s moments like these that I want to share a needle with her while doing intravenous drugs, because watching the sultry and seductive way she struggles to walk across the stage because she’s out of breath and slowly dying turns me on. I guess I am kinda drawn to hurt, dying or diseased things because they are easy to catch when they try to run away from you, it’s pretty much the law of the jungle and seeing Amy Winehouse does nothing less than turn me into a raging animal that can’t be tamed.

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Amy Winehouse has a Hot Body of the Day

If there’s one thing we can learn from Amy Winehouse, it’s that exercise and diet aren’t the only way to lose some excess pounds, you can always turn to heroin because shit jacks you up so hard you can’t hold down anything you eat, except for maybe some popsicles because there just soothing on your rotting heroin mouth because the other good thing about heroin is that it’s so fucking good, you don’t need to wash or shower or really do anything that involves hygiene and despite that approach not working out so well for the smells that come out of my wife on a daily basis, it frees up a lot of time to do other things, like more heroin. I think she’s a modern day hero and girls angelic voice can only mean one thing and that is that she’s sent to us from god as the new mesiah and that we should follow her lead.

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The Amy Winehouse Racist Tapes of the Day

I was not paying attention to much yesterday because I was in recovery mode, so I only heard this story at 3 am when I woke up from some night terrors that involved transexuals. I am not sure it if means I am gay or into transexuals, but I was definitely having sex with a man with a vagina or a woman with a man’s face and it’s thrown me off a bit today. The good news is that I wasn’t hard when I woke up, morning erections are a thing of the past, I thought it was because I am not 16 anymore, but it turns out it’s because I am depressed.

Either way, here is a video of Amy Winehouse, someone who I find totally fucking hot because I am not unrealistic in my expectations. I don’t aim to find girls who look like these other celebrities in real life, you know, girls who have all their teeth, who are sober and who have nice faces that don’t look accidented, I realize that I am not in their league and I don’t even pay much notice to them, because they are a distraction from the real girls out there like Amy Winehouse who is pretty much a hotter, richer version of every girl I’ve ever bagged, which is too bad because without that bank account and angelic singing voice, she’d only have about a $25 blowjob street value, and that’s almost affordable.

In this video, she’s doing drugs and making racial slurs that people are trying to use to ruin her career because they assume that dropping the word nigger, gook, nip, gay, retard is really going to throw her nigger, gook, nip, gay, retarded fans into not buying her albums. The point is that it’s just some kid song from the playground like “catch a nigger by the toe” and her saying it’s got nothing to do with her actually being a racist or believing it because let’s face it, racial slurs coming from a Jew is kinda like a white chick cleaning a house for a Filipino family, if you know what I mean, which I hope you do, because I got no idea where I am going with that, but I am trying to say that it is a pot calling the kettle black situation because a Jew dropping hateful racist slang on anyone is acceptable because the nigger, gooks, nips, gays and retards probably hate jews more than this Winehouse jew hates them and just the other day, when rolling by the retard home, I saw 3 waterheads doing the Nazi Salute, I think they could have been out for activity hour and were just stretching like a retard, but it looked pretty suspect.

Either way, her husband is an asshole for releasing this harmless shit, but they are crackheads and do crazy things so along with the video – some personal pics were also leaked and lucky for me, there are nipples in them so now my Amy Winehouse masturbation hour has new content.

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Amy Winehouse Shows Off Her Underwear of the Day

For a crackwhore Amy Winehouse keeps her panties in better condition that any white underwear I’ve ever owned. So while people are shitting on her for being ghetto, disgusting and insane, her pussy isn’t shitting on her pearly white underwear. They are as beautiful as the glistening white of a fresh winter snowfall as I sit by the fire a write my memoirs….the only scary thing about these pictures is whatever the fuck she’s got caged up inside these cleaner than any white underwear I’ve seen, despite how wrecked she is motherfuckers. I just can’t get over how good these panties look, I would have been expecting black fingerprints from when she scratched her unwashed and itchy yeast infection, but instead she’s breaking down stereotypes and it’s fascinating to me.

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Amy Winehouse Provides the Masturbation Material of the Day

Amy Winehouse is on a roll. She’s been out half naked the last couple of weeks and it’s provided all of you sick fucks something to jerk off to. The nice thing about Amy Winehouse is that she’s changing society’s outlook on crackwhores, before she came along we all thought crackwhores were just good for cheap toothless blowjobs and now we know they can also be rich and successful. This bitch is breaking down stereotypes and deserves some fuckin’ respect.

The other thing she needs respect for is that she’s crazy and crazy people and crazy people are amazing. They don’t give a fuck about the rules of society and that means at any given time they have an impulse to do something like if they decide that it’s time to piss and they do it right there on the floor in the middle of the room full of people. The same thing goes for fuckin’, when they get the urge, they start their diddle, and despite the smells, it makes for a good time.

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Amy Winehouse Out in Her Joggin’ Shorts of the Day

Looks like Amy Winehouse is about to go on a jog and I am posting these for all the haters who said she was only skinny because of crack/heroin/cocaine or whatever drugs she’s on. I always say how nice and fit she looks and people always come back at me about how she doesn’t eat because she’s a fuckin’ addict, while would an addict where gym shorts to be ready because they look like they are scared shitless and about to run away from the voices in their head….I don’t think so. She needs a workout tape so all you fat sluts can follow her lead.

Amy Winehouse reminds me of this Jewish dude who is always hanging out in my neighborhood, not because all Jews look the same, but because he dresses like he’s not rich and begs people on the street for a quarter for a fuckin’ coffee while rockin’ a fatty rolex and designer jeans. I have given him shit before because I only see him on weekends and he’s probably doing it to make an extra 40 dollars a day, while his wife is at the salon getting her hair done or some shit because he’s addicted to money. The point is that he tries to look like he’s ratty and unshowered and like he doesn’t have any money or a nice expensive home, an Amy Winehouse is just followin’ his lead only instead of begging for change she looks more like the kind of girl who will suck your dick with her toothless mouth for drugs, while we all know she can afford to get her toothless mouth fixed and that this is all just a bullshit cry for attention to make a little more money because that’s really all she and the Jewish dude who pretends to be homeless care about. I think someone should fuck the cents back into her and I nominate me because I am not scared of things that stink.

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Amy Winehouse is Out in Her Bra of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

The thing I like about Amy Winehouse is that she’s got some drug induced insanity going on and from my experience drug induced insanity spills over into everyday insanity and is part of the reason I’ve had sex with as many girls as I have had sex with. It seems like crazy girls are pretty easy to win over because being crazy, like being retarded turns off your sex filter that sane people are forced to keep on because we want to be respectable people in society. Meanwhile, the retards and crazies are masturbating in the library or at the public pool, running around showing their genitals to people and once in the bedroom, pretty fantastic performers if you can get past the smells and crazy sounds that come out of their mouths.

Here’s Amy Winehouse running around in her bra, lookin’ like something out of a horror movie and making me want to fuck her brittle teeth out of her mouth.

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