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Joanna Krupa Hard Nipples of the Day

Joanna Krupa Hard Nipples Blue Tight Shirt

Joanna Krupa has been grinding at this bikini model shit longer than I’ve been running a blog…from Maxim to FHM to years of fucking silence…cuz girls who have fake titties and decent bodies are a dime a fucking dozen…

She never landed a respectable fucking job…but probably fucked a producer, got on Dancing with the Stars…like Alexis Ren, even though she was never a fucking star…but the show needed cleavage dammit…there’s only so much Steve Wozniak a motherfucker can take when his wife makes him watch that ABC produced Housewife SMUT….

She turned that to Real Housewives….to nothing but a hard nipple bitch in a tight shirt for the paparazzi…

Doing it for POLSKA…even though she’s been in America since she was two years old, it just makes her seem more international…

None of this matters…but it’s nipples trying to matter…and we like that.

Joanna Krupa Hard Nipples Blue Tight Shirt


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Joanna Krupa Bikini of the Day

Joanna Krupa Tits and ASs in a Green Bikini on the Beach

Joanna Krupa is pretty much a rock bottom, struggling for air, drowning personality I am amazed I know exists…

That is because she decided to use her low level MAXIM model existence and bring it to Dancing with the Stars, which proved to be a great platform for a near 40 year old model no one cared about to finally become a star..They needed a hot chick and she was a Hot Chick in Maxim girl…hardly a fucking star….but good enough…

She was able to push that to a reality show, Real Housewives, and paparazzi fodder, so an otherwise forgotten set of tits, classic looking 90s tits, has a legacy to allow her to live on.

Now she’s pushing 50 and still up to the same tricks…because a trick is a trick is a trick…and this trick’s trick is bikini-wearing.

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Joanna Krupa Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Joanna Krupa showing off her airbrushed pussy in a nude photoshoot

Joanna Krupa is a bootleg celebrity….she’s not actually a celebrity but she was on a series of well watched, or at least they tell us they are well watched,Reality Shows…

Shes’ got over 1 million followers on Social Media so I guess that means she matters, or counts, even though you can buy 1 million followers for about 1,000 dollars…

She’s best known to me as an early 2000s, we’re talking Y2k model who never made it as a model, but who was in magazines like Maxim…masturabtion fodder to pervert dudes who read that shit….well now she’s older but still getting naked.. flashing her pussy lips…and that pussy lips look like a good pussy to me….because old, irrelevant, washed up, clickbait or not…she’s looking good…

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Joanna Krupa gets Wet of the Day

Joanna Krupa Showing off her body in a black bra

Joanna Krupa is a bootleg celebrity….she’s not actually a celebrity but she was on a series of well watched, or at least they tell us they are well watched, TV is so archaic they can’t track shit…but they give a bunch of trailer park 60 year old a box to attach to their tv – to track the garbage they watch…and the networks multiply that number by number of subscribers….totally not accurate…an ad scam for 60 years…billions of dollars on lies…and people like Krupa mooch bitches mooch on it…

From men’s mags in the 90s…to hot pollack american…who mooches being pollack is the old as fuck in a bikini…

No one cares….

Maybe you do….

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Joanna Krupa Bikini Catalog Model of the Day

Here are some photoshopped catalog pics of fame whore Joanna Krupa, going back to her roots now that her show was cancelled and she is forced to go back to the only thing she knew…low level campaigns for companies…cheesy photoshoots no one cares about…but her older, but still great body…can get the recognition it deserves. Instead of being “I like the blonde one with the fake tits”…she can be “I like the one from that show no one watched, yeah the blonde one with fake tits”…you see because…none of this TV shit really matters..what matters is that she doesn’t have a sex tape yet…that’s what confuses me in everything that is Joanna Krupa…here are these 1998 Maxim caliber pics…feeling like a Throwback Thursday a day early…

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This May Be Joanna Krupa Trying to Stay Relevant of the Day

I think it is safe to say that these titty pics of Joanna Krupa were not hacked in any way possible. If they are her…they were leaked intentionally to rope herself in on any press she can…

Joanna Krupa has been a “Glamour Model” for the last 20 years, and before landing her Dancing with the Stars – turned – Housewives of Miami show…she was pretty much an escort…I mean…she’s got the fake tits to prove it. Fake tits I can’t imagine haven’t been shown hundreds of times before. You know because that’s 96% of the reason she would get booked on jobs.

I would assume that these tits have been shown for money, sometimes for fame, sometimes to get ahead…and her scammed worked for her, that was until a few months ago when her show got cancelled and she had the bug…the fame bug…the taste in her mouth she couldn’t get out…the “this is what I’ve had sex with so many people to achieve, I can’t lose it now”…

So release pics, show nipple, even though no one cares about even Jennifer Lawrence’s nipples, we are all desensitized, and hope for the best…maybe people will talk, maybe a sex tape offer will come in, anything…please god anything…is what she’s got on her mind…

I assume I’ll get a Laywers letter about this…but her face isn’t in the pics and really who fucking cares…

I’m just posting it to help her out, like an old friend…who knows she needs this last hurrah..

Here she is at an event cuz she’s working it hard CLICK HERE

Here she is in workout clothes cuz she’s working it hard for attention CLICK HERE

No one cares….:(

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Joanna Krupa in a Bikini of the Day

Joanna Krupa posted this bikini picture of herself to her instagram, I don’t know if she’s really relevant anymore, or really ever was…

I just think she just pulled some awesome scam that involved booking dancing with the stars, right when her glamour model career was about to dry up and end.You know when she was fed up with all the sex for money she probably had to have in order to live the life of luxury she wanted. I can’t confirm she was a hooker like so many of these wannabe famous chicks before her…and I guess after her…but I can say that from an outsider perspective on her body and her body of work alone, it kind of looks like that’s exactly what she is…

Her show has been cancelled, I assume she’s pushing 40, she’s still enough of a babe though, I guess Eastern Europe has that going for them, money hungry babes, all thanks to communism, not that Krupa knows anything about Eastern Europe Communism. She only fucks with that if it’s an opportunity to exploit for money because she’s from there and born there…but raised in America since she was 2…and pretty far removed from that…but luckily for you, not far removed from wearing bikinis.

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Joanna Krupa Desecrates the American Flag of the Day

With every national holiday comes some low level person who plays up that holiday as hard as they can to get noticed. It’s an easy way to get on the sites…and this year, the prize low level looking for attention – is Joanna Krupa.

She is the same Joanna Krupa, who a decade ago, played up being born in Poland, and escaping Poland, back in the 70s, when Poland was evil and communist, even though she had no memory of being in Poland, it was just a good marketing hook for her Maxim Magazine shoots, which were really all she ever did…

But now, she’s celebrating being American, and living the American Dream, as a low level slut who was on TV before getting cancelled…who can now be a low level slut on instagram…because she has her fan base established..

I am victim of finding her hot in the 2000s when she was doing the men’s magazines, and feel like I helped her, or promoted her along with all the other sites…making her matter…when really she should just be a stripper somewhere…which I guess is what she’s doing.

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Joanna Krupa Bottom Feeding Bikini of the Day

The Real Housewives Of Miami has been cancelled…and no one gives a fuck because that bullshit sucked. Except maybe Joanna Krupa, I mean she got married to live out this lie probably assuming the show would go on forever and people would care about her nonsense until the end of time…

The fact is that she technically shouldn’t even be on TV, she was a washed up Maxim Model, which at the time was pretty fucking low level modelling, and now is non-existent modelling…who somehow tricked Dancing with the Stars to cast her….allowing her American dream bullshit storyline of a communist born, communist escapee, trying to live the American dream life, despite being here since she was 2 and likely raised a spoiled brat because her parents were excited about Captialist society…and then she leveraged that to get on some other retarded show…and here she is now pushing 40 with nothing left to do but show her tits on the beach…

It doesn’t matter, I don’t know why I am posting it, I think I have a sick obsession with posting pics of people in bikinis who society deem important, when they really aren’t. It’s a problem…but only because there is so much better shit to talk about…but instead I’m looking at this…


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Joanna Krupa Pretends She Didn’t Know Her Dress Was See Through of the Day

“It’s unfortunate that the flashes ruined the look of this gorgeous Michael Costello gown and made it look sheer”

” This is what I mean ruined by flash!”

It is funny to think that Joana Krupa, attention seeking clown who has spent her life dedicated to getting to this level of low level fame, would actually pretend on instagram that her see through dress every site is posting to talk about her nipples, was not strategic but in fact a real shame because it didn’t allow the dress to look as beautiful as it was meant to be. Damn flashes.

What an obvious, egotistical cunt.

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