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Maggie Gyllenhaal Naked in The Deuce of the Day

Maggie Gyllenhaal Naked in The Deuce

Maggie Gyllenhaal reminds me of a sloppy old sock that I left in the corner of the room, or under the couch for a very long time, I mean I may use it to wipe off my cum after sexting at 2 am, when I should be taking a shit…but instead…I’m pretty disgusted by it and think it should just stay under the couch…

She’s some nepotism, works cuz her daddy and mom worked in the industry, and I don’t hate her as an actress, I just find her horrible to look at and seeing her naked, again, cuz we’ve seen it before doesn’t really excite me…

I am guessing this is a show about porno or the start of porno in the 70s, I don’t think it was necessary to cast someone in their 70s..but I guess that’s what they did…and here’s a glimpse into her performance she’ll likely win awards for…

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Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Blowjob Scene in The Deuce of the Day

Maggie Gyllenhaal terrifies me…Maggie Gyllenhaal terrifies me…

But I figure, any actress, hot or not, who takes on the slutty roles to show just how committed they are to their “art” in a world where she would have never made it based on looks alone, but luckily, she was raised within the industry and movies need “average” looking girls….is worth looking at with a dick, real or prosthetic…in her mouth for the craft….

She’s edgy, risque, wild and crazy…a mom…with mom tits…with a kid who will see this scene of not actual porn…ART…with porn elements because everyone’s got a short attention span and are trying to figure it all out…right…RIGHT>.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Upskirt of the Day

Maggie Gyllenhaal pink panties upskirt close up

Maggie Gyllenhaal is disgusting to look at, but she has connected parents – so she exists…and I liked her in Secretary, because looks don’t matter when you’re selling the dream of owning a woman obsessed with you to the point she’s pissing herself to apease you…it’s nice…romance really…

She’s showing panties on set, panties I’d assume she borrowed from her cross dressing brother….

Some of you don’t know this, I mean assuming anyone is there, but Jake Gyllenhaal is the only celebrity I almost had a physical altercation with when he was filming in Montreal Canada. This was a long fucking time ago, when I left the house, but he was dancing like a princesss in a restaurant with some groupies….while other people were eating…and the bus boy or line chef told me that he was doing it everynight and fucking obnoxious in his “look at me” way….I told the guy that I bet I could make him mad and I walked up to him, he bend down eagerly like i was going to ask him to sign an autograph on my anus with his tongue, and asked if he was the guy who killed Heath Ledger or something to that effect…I don’t even know what that means, but I was drunk…and dude went nuts, got in my face, flailing his arms around, security pulled me away before it was actually a fight and he ended up pushing the girl I was banging pretty….aggressively…like a mental case….who hits girls…

It was a story that got on all the mainstream media, probably my peak, then his legal team and the team at Disney came at me to change my story on the site….to which I said “I’ll just post the video instead”…and the media followed their story, I was made out to be this predator fame whore troll, when really I was just trying to piss off a little brat….if I was actually trying to capitalize on it…I would have filmed the shit..you know cellphones did have cameras back then….poor planning really…and that was the end of the Jake Gyllenhaal story….

And here is his sister’s pussy shot to remind me of how much of a pussy he was…

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Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Naked Scene in Strip Search of the Day

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a fucking monster. I’ve seen a few of her movies and sure seeing her piss herself in secretary was alright, but you know with a face like that, the only way to get the fuck ahead is to do things that normal hot chicks wouldn’t bother with.

That said, this is a video of her getting strip searched, in a movie called Strip Search, that came out in 2004. It was sent to me today, so I guess it’s making it’s rounds and since staying as far from Gyllenhaal as I can, because she scares me, it’s new to me.

The point of all this is to say, you don’t need to look good to get naked because watching her get felt up and cavity searched unwillingly, then curl in a ball and cry about it before throwing a tantrum because part of her felt violated and the other part of her appreciate the male attention is amazing even if it is from 2004.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal is a Fucking Monster of the Day

How the fuck did Maggie Gyllenhaal ever make it into acting. She looks more like the weird girl who doesn’t shower and who ends up becoming a lonely librarian because books don’t judge her and books are always there for her when she needs them. She does not look like someone who could be the object of anyone’s desire in a movie, or in real life. She doesn’t look like a leading lady or like someone I’d even want to see on the fuckin’ screen and I guess it takes a whole lot of movie magic to make her someone the general public can stomach, like it took a whole lot of deep throat magic to get her where she is today, not because saying ugly girls suck dick to the top is a cliche, but because all girls suck dick to get to the top, the ugly ones just suck a little fucking harder…….

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I am – Maggie Gyllenhaal Breast Feeding Her Baby of the Day


So it turns out that Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of those bitches who think they have the right to pull their tits out in public to feed their little babies. I have always been a fan of these kinds of bitches. I remember walking in the park last year and seeing some slut who I call a slut because she was knocked and had baby sucking her pregnant titty, meaning that she really liked to fuck and when she fucked she liked it internal cumshot like the porn fetish I support. I also saw breast feeding at the coffee shop and I’ve seen it in restaurants and in malls andit seems it’s a whole movement, that’s really picking up because prior to about 2 years ago, I never saw bitches doing this.

My theory is that they don’t give a fuck because being pregnant is such a fucking bitch. You are pretty much sprawled out for many people to see your goods for over 9 months, not that many people hadn’t see this Maggie Gyllenhaal sluts good before the baby, but you know what I mean, it kinda takes away all sexual focus on those lady parts I love, and turns them into tools for their baby that they are obviously totally fucking obsessed over. It turns out that once sexy parts become tools then the person isn’t really shy about showing them off, or other people seeing them. What they don’t realize is that people like you get off to this shit.

The only real issue that I have with this whole thing, is that Maggie Gyllenhaal is about as my last shit, which I don’t really remember looking at, but remember having to wipe a whole lot, which isn’t very hot, unless you’re into scat, which you probably are. Sicko.


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