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Some Two Year Old China Man Smokin of the Day

Ever since the Hong Kong lady freaked the fuck out that hit the internet and Conan’s Last Week of Shows the otherday, everyone’s been hard from fucking China, maybe it’s because shit’s like another planet or maybe it’s because of the Olympics, and I don’t really care.

What I do care about is how amazing this video of a 2 year old kid smoking. I don’t care about the health risks the “Man” claims cigarette cause, when the cancer’s we get are probably a product of the food they sell us and the water they give us to drink, cuz smoking is too cool to be dangerous.

On a side note, if you’ve ever been to China, you’d know that smoking a cigarette is the least of anyone’s concerns, it stinks and the air is so thick it feels like you’re suckin’ a car exhaust’s dick and for 6 months after getting back, you cough up soot. So just enjoy how awesome this video is before crying about how this kid is being abused.

Who are you to say what is right or wrong? Who are you to get involved and preach your fucking propaganda? Do you have any clinical studies that prove smoking at 2 is a health risk? Mind our own fucking business asshole and if you’ve got such a fucking issue with it, make your own fucking baby and treat it how you want it to be treated and let us do what we want with ours.

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Keanu Reeves Dates a Topless Chick Named China Chow of the Day

Keanu Reeves is the kind of dude you’d find in a Lady Bar in Thailand, making a 6 year old boy tickle his testicles, at least that’s how he markets himself by hanging out with and fucking British actresses who make a mockery of their heritage by giving themselves somekind of stripper stage name like China Chow. It reminds me of the time I met a stripper with a Russsian grandather called herself Katrina when her real name was Brenda and the truth is at least that was how because she had hot tits.

I don’t remember the last time I hit up a Chinese restaurant and thought to myself how badly I wanted to stuff the waitress like she was a fucking eggroll, or a dumpling, and that’s not because there aren’t hot Chinese chicks, it’s saying that there aren’t any where I go eat because I am poor….

Either way, with a girl that looks like this proves that Keanu Reeves is a failure and a fucking faggot and you are too because you are diggin’ this shit.

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