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Cora Keegan Nude Model of the Day

Cora Keegan is a tall skinny model with one of them good faces that has been around for a long long time – and who used to be a Victoria’s Secret Catalog girl…

The rumor is that she hated being a model, she thought it was dumb, so she turned down a Victoria’s Secret contract, the one contract every single model in the world dreams of…because I guess she’s a rich kid and doesn’t need that mall brand, promo model, low level sell out shit, but can rather produce art, nude shoots, and hang out without the pressure of being a mall brand promo model.

I don’t know if that story is true, but if it is, that makes her substantially cooler than pretty much every hot, tall, skinny chick out there.

Plus she’s got bush, and I fucking love bush, so it’s just a win across the fucking board for all of us involved in jerking off to these pics collectively, like a TEAM!

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Cora Keegan Nude of the Day

Cora Keegan Nude

Cora Keegan is a model, who once worked for Victoria’s Secret, but was too cool for school, and said Fuck You Promo model life, you’re lame, you’re not cool, you may pay well and make people famous, but you’re mall brand, dog shit, low concept, made in China, mass produced nonsense and I will never sell out…

Something that I can relate to, not because I’m some hard artist, but I refused to change the name of my site, or make it fluffy, which probably would have been funnier content, you know just me writing love letters to celebrities who don’t fuck with or fuck me…it could have gone viral, got me book deals, but instead I committed to writing this nonsense…instead of ad friendly shit..

I posted tits before tits were mainstream enough to post, the feminists didn’t exist, and I was considered smut.

I had no advertisers, in an era when every website was making 5,000,000 dollars a year…and I had the same traffic as them..

And in hindsight, I shoulda fucking sold out..

Maybe Cora Keegan is going back on turning her back on opportunity like VS, maybe she’s rich and doesn’t need VS, or maybe she just likes getting naked on camera…whatever it is..it’s good enough for me to look at…

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Instagram Model Cora Keegan Topless and Flexible in Panties of the Day

Cora Keegan is an instagram model from Instagram who does photoshoots with instagram photographers for instagram accounts that are designed to promote instagram models to their audience and hope one day those instagram models can be actual models who get paid work from the fanbase they build up getting naked on the internet…it’s some low hanging fruit shit that is more interesting in Cora Keegan’s case – because she was at one time a Victoria’s Secret girl, with a possible contract lined up, but she was too cool, too edgy to be that lame and mainstream and well paid, likely a rich girl…who has the arrogance to now get naked on social media just because it’s something to do…on her own terms in what she may consider “art”…even though art is a lie and all these people are attention seeking half retards…but at least she’s flexible with those skinny long legs..I am a fan…she’s hot.

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Cora Keegan Nude for Michael NGO of the Day


Cora Keegan was a Victoria’s Secret model who hated being a model – and instead of following model dreams to become the next hooker peddling mindless garbage to idiot consumers who are all fucking robot drones who dress the same, shop the same, get in debt the same, have the same dumb conversation….she moved to LA, got a famous podcasting boyfriend – to focus on higher consciousness like mind altering drugs, music festivals, and getting naked for some random photographer for free.. you know a modern day hippie, probably a rich kid, who didn’t sell out to the man…to be a mall brand spokesmodel…basically working the mall handing out toilet paper samples…to live a more fulfilling life…where she can grow out her bush…for guys like me…who love bush…

I’m a fan, she’s a lovely creature…fuck then man, while fucking old man…

Now the broke as fuck in me thinks “if you’re gonna get naked in photoshoots for dudes, you might as well take the 1,000,000 dollars from the Mall brand bank”…and I’m right…but let her be entitled, arrogant enough to feel she has a higher – naked – purpose…

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Cora Keegan’s Jacked Up Panties of the Day


Cora Keegan is some daddy issue model who dates old men, who have money, as models do…

She’s a model drop out, which is pretty funny, because she’s too hip to be a commercial model, and saves her modeling for imporant campaigns…I guess…like this..

You know “Fuck you Victoria’s Secret and your million dollar contract and your PR push that gets me known..

I am going to do a dated, played out concept in the desert with guns and blown out cars….like it was a Coachella promo video 10 years ago…because I like the aesthetic of the blown out Desert outlaw vibe…it’s so cool…10 years ago…

I am only posting this because I like the panties pulled up into her twat.

There’s a cheesy video that goes with it…

Yes, I’m a hater for played out ideas…

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Cora Keegan’s is the Bush of the Day


As a purveyor, curator, endorser, lover of bush, and I have been for my entire fucking life…where the whole “wax your pussy” offended me and made me sad, an dating girls required serious negotiations to get them to grow out their bush, even though the natural way is the low maintenance way and the bigger the bush the sexier the girl got to me….

And as someone who has negotiated with Cora Keegan about her bush over the years we’ve interacted, mainly before she was married to some 50 year old comedian she met on the internet after listen to his podcast…back when she was a Victoria’s Secret dropout, who unlike the Kendalls and Gigis of the world who beg their daddy’s or in Kendall’s case, her “it” to get them into Victoria’s Secret, this Cora Keegan joker said no thanks to the offer and moved to LA to grow out a bush…

There’s something overly hipster, bohemian, Coachella try hard about that..forced….unauthentic but I don’t care what the bush motivation is, as long as there’s fucking bush happening, this motherfucker is happy.

I want bush to be what waxing is, I want every cheesy cunt around (figurative cheese, not literal) to have a fucking lazy girl bush…and I want it on my face or at least in pics so I can imagine cumming in it / on it and having it rubbed the fuck in..

Not that Cora Keegan does that to me, she bores me, but her bush…is everything…I mean at least right now, there’s better bush out there, but I like to give all bush a fair chance…an opportunity to have it’s 15 minutes…

So what I’m saying is that Cora Keegan is my unofficial mascot for the day, as she rocks the bush of the day..

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Joe Rogan’s Girlfriend Cora Keegan Naked for Treats! of the Day


There was a time that I was in love with Cora Keegan, I thought she was the hottest new model to reject a contract with Victoria’s Secret, because she’s obviously a rich kid and doesn’t need the money, and because an evil brand like Victoria’s Secret doesn’t correlate with her “artistic” vision…that includes modeling being dumb….

I guess she doesn’t think it is dump to model naked, for free, for magazines that aren’t “art”…but that are designed to shoot fame whores and aspiring low level LA models…giving them a break and saying “we launched Emrata”…leaving out “we also are responsible for herpes transmission as the rich dudes we whore you out to will fuck you without a condom…like we’re an escort agency disguised as a magazine”….you know the looking for attention and someone to pay their rent like Ryan Seacrest’s coked up dick…as he’s part of that Treats! circle, and recruits pussy from the events and magazine…doesn’t matter…

Well, it turns out that “artist” not “model” becuase “modeling is dumb” Cora Keegan…still models naked…because I guess her boyfriend Joe Rogan…likes guys jerking off to her model tits…to make him think she matters….because it turns out she’s a fame whore, like all models…it’s their retirement plan…

That said, where’s the fucking bush trick…doesn’t she know anything about nude modeling…it’s all about the bush…but I guess…she’s more into just showing tit for free..bush is sacred…and these pics look like every other fucking pic…do these people think they are reinventing anything? Garbage.

Either way, here she is climbing the ladder….in the weirdest fucking way…

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Cora Keegan is Naked for Aaron Feaver of the Day


I like to think I am the reason Cora Keegan grew out her bush, dyed her hair, and decided to post naked in something she knew I would see, because she’s obviously my number 1 fan, and that’s why she refuses to let me braid my beard into her pussy hair so that we can always be together, but more importantly, why she refuses to answer my tweets, and instagram comments, begging her to be my forever girl by letting me lock her in my basement….forever…it’s really the only way my wife will allow it…and there’s not much more romantic than abducting the one you love…

That said, she’s giving us a lot with being naked and all, but she’s hardly giving us anything, or scratching the surface of what she is capable of, meaning these naked pics just remind me of how hard she’s failed….because as hot as she is…she should be a household name, even if modeling is dumb as fuck…way to do it.

I’m still into this…because she’s naked….and basically that’s all it takes…

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Cora Keegan is the Worst – but Naked of the Day

Cora Keegan is the fucking worst, but only because I love her…and want to send her presents, like tupperware containers filled with my sperm, hoping she uses it as lube with all her other boyfriends who she chose over me, because that way maybe she’d have my kid, and we’d be stuck with each other for ever / until the kid was 18, provided she told the guy she was letting think it was his kid that she used random sperm she got mailed to her as lube…

But unfortunately, my testosterone is too low to fill even a shot glass up with sperm…at least I can look at her naked…in pictures because that’s kinda what she does…being a dumb model and all.

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Cora Keegan Nipples by Aaron Feaver of the Day

Her name is Cora Keegan, she’s not a super famous model, in fact, she’s a model who hates modeling, and will probably just end up knocked up with some rich older guy’s kid, because she can’t be bothered working, she’d rather sit around, listen to music, get high and fuck, but she’s still booking campaigns, despite how dumb she pretends to think modelling is, when I am pretty sure she’s probably laughing about how dumb modelling is with every check she cashes for 30,000 dollars or more…you know tormented about the scam she pulling, hoping to have or do something more substantial, all while cashing the fuck in… the entire time…you know a phony higher purpose or whatever and the reality is, she can do whatever the fuck she wants, because she’s got a great face…and I am in love with her.

My biggest regret is not kidnapping her, locking her in my basement and making her my wife when i had the chance…seriously, lovely as fuck on all fronts…even if her real name isn’t Cora Keegan and she won’t tell me what it is…because I think it will lead to me knowing she’s a rich kid and rich kids hate being recognized for being rich kids…they want to pretend to do things themselves..while complaining the entire way…

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