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DeAnna Pappas in Some Staged Bullshit of the Day

Looks like this former Bachelorette’s televised love didn’t stick much longer than the length of the contract cuz here she is on the beach with her new “boyfriend” hoping the paparazzi remind the world she’s still around.

I guess this teaches us that if love can’t be found on a staged show where you make millions if you find “love”, seduced by legal contracts, cameras and storylines while fighting with 50 other contestents for it, love can’t be found at all…so we should just stick to whores…

I guess it also teaches us that reality shows give insignificant people a sense of puroose and a taste of celebrity cuz here she is in some staged bullshit on the beach. I guess she paid off the paparazzi to take bullshit pics of her and her new boyfriend.

If you’re wondering why I know it is staged, well firstly it is cuz she is on the paparazzi sites and even the paparazzi don’t remember who she is, I guess she is addicted to the cameras and the attention she once had once and has her publicist working on it overtime and secondly, even the most obnoxious horrible acting annoying motherfucker I want to punch in the face doesn’t make thee facial expressions…this shit is worse than the catalog to a 2 star hotel in Haiti.

But it looks like she took that new study that fat legs and ass make for a healthy pussy …..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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DeAnna Pappas and Her Fake Husband on the Beach of the Day

DeAnna Pappas and the guy who won her heart from 20 other guys on the Bachelorette last season were out showing the world that they are in fact in love and are no way contractually obliged to stay together or seemingly stay together after the show by making random photo op outings all to to make the legitimacy of the show seem more than just a cheap ploy to manipulate the public, who are bored in their own life and need these reality shows to connect with people they think are like them and live vicariously through. Advertisers love it, producers make more money because the cast are just average attention craving joes who don’t demand celebrity prices and everyone’s a fuckin’ winner in the end, even the dudes who lost out to this asshole are winners, because they got their 5 minutes on TV that they can tell their kids about, they also got to get up in this bitch, without having to spend a year pretending they love her fat spic ass. She’s definitely nothing special but better than nothing and that’s pretty much the same way I feel about these bikini pics.

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DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak Wash Their Expensive Car of the Day

< Here are the power couple from The Bachelorette pretending that they aren't contractually obliged to stay with each other because if they were to break up the legitimacy of the staged reality TV show would go down the fuckin' toilet. I've already expressed my opinion on the show and how The Bachelorette is just a slut and fucks multiple men and thinks it's okay because it's on TV and it is not at all realistic at all because if 20 dudes I knew were fucking the same chick and living in the same house, they would probably kill each other. For the most part, dudes generally don't mind fucking their friend's girlfriends when they are horny and drunk, but don't like sharing the bitch they are trying to win over. Maybe bi-sexuality is part of the criteria of getting up on the show and it is just a massive penis heavy orgy and everyone lives happily ever after, but it doesn't matter, because that shit is on TV, teaching our youth to be whores and I am reaping the benefits by appreciating the new generation of whores it helped produce. Either way I decided to research the dude because I was curious whether he was rich and the car was his or if it was just provided by the network to make the pot more desirable so they don't slip up on the staged love they found. It turns out he is a pro-snowboarder and by pro snowboarder I mean a dude who managed to join the competitions but hardly makes money off the shit because here are his stats:

â–ª 654th for Half Pipe
â–ª 458th for Half Pipe
â–ª 1016th in Snowboard Cross
â–ª 194th for Half Pipe
â–ª 842nd in Snowboard Cross
â–ª 173rd for Half Pipe
â–ª 949th in Snowboard Cross
â–ª 383rd for Half Pipe
â–ª 615th in Snowboard Cross
â–ª 651st in Snowboard Cross

His professional snowboard career is a fucking joke and he is hardly fucking pro. These stats are insanely horrible and don’t land you a fuckin’ pay check or sponsorship deal unless it’s from your local shop. This is the kind of wishful thinking that makes you pay the pro snowboarding association the annual fees because it helps you pick chicks up at the ski hill you teach at. The retarded kid I saw at the ski hill just north of here on some integration ski trip who was probably snowboarding for the first time and struggling down the bunny hill and falling on his face while masturbating took more skill that this motherfucker is packin’. Even I am a better snowboarder than this and I’ve only done it about 5 times because I live in Canada and for 6 months there’s pretty much nothing else to do and I weigh 300 pounds.

Seeing these staged pics of them washing their car in their bathing suits is a lot less offensive than this asshole calling himself a pro, but it is possible that they aren’t staged because based on DeAnna’s reputation, she never turns down the opportunity to play with a hose, even when it’s not attached to a man. If you know what I mean.

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Deanna Pappas Has Sex in the Pool of the Day

I’ve wrote about Deanna Pappas Being a Slut before, mainly because she was on the show the Bachelorette and that’s pretty much the equivalent of postitution for the sake of TV entertainment. If anyone in your immediate circle was to date 20 dudes at the same time, only to kick one out of her life every week because he’s not a good enough fuck or his dick is too small for her gapping pussy that’s just been fucked by 20 dudes at the same time.

Either way, I think they are contractually bound to pretend they are dating for at least a year, because it adds credibility to the show, here they are in the pool in some staged steamy pics that remind me of some steamy pics I took last night, they were of my shit, it was making an S-Shape for suicide like some kind of tea leave reading, i was proud but since I don’t let my shit dictate my life, I’m still here for another day of this garbage.

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DeAnna Pappas is the Bachelorette in a Bikini of the Day

The show the Bachelorette pretty much advocates STDs and a polyamourous lifestyle. It’s like before the eyes of America, you test out as many men as the network will throw at you, to decide which one you are going to pretend to fall in love with and pretend to date for a year because it’s all written in your contract that you had to sign the job to be the next piece of ass who basically whores herself out on TV by hooking up with differnent dudes everynight while they sit and wait around for her to decide if they are worthy, like a bunch of assholes. Seems like a good enough concept for a show and here is the star in her bikini.

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