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Lady Gaga Flashing Her Dick of the Day

(Removed video due to autoplay annoying me – google it if you care)

In Gaga’s most recent cry for attention, she decided to flash her dick, or her fake dick in front of a bunch of people at a pride event. I guess she’s trying to gain credibility amongst the fags she’s exploiting as actually being one of them, or maybe she just wants people writing about her, and they are, including me, but at least I know I am not helping her career, because no one reads this fuckin’ site, because if I was helping her career, I’d be forced to kill myself because I hate this bitch and want her to disappear pretyt much more than anyone in Entertainment right now, because she’s just full of fuckin shit.

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Haylie Duff Gets Dick of the Day

In stories of defying all odds and overcoming all obstacles, Haylie Duff has climbed that mountain that was put in front of her when she was born and her parents had to decide to drive her out to the wilderness and leave her behind, or raise her as one of their own, and that is being freakishly ugly.

You know family and friends were convinced there was no hope that this bitch would ever get fucked, unless it was for a dare, or at a bar at the end of the nigth because she was the only vagina around and she was throwing her ugly self at every single guy until one was eager enough to bite.

Sure we don’t know if this is a dare, or if motherfucker is drunk and trying to get to Hilary, but we do know that her she has her nose job to thank for helping make this dream a reality. So if you’re an insecure girl out there, and everyone’s telling you not to get work done, and to embrace what the lord gave you, realize they are lying to you. I figure if it worked for Haylie it’ll work for you….

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Lady Gaga Has a Dick of the Day

I am getting tired of ripping into Lady Gaga, it’s all very negative and a waste of fucking energy, you know she is doing her thing, people are diggin’ it, she can sing, her sound is her own and music is her own, and whether I find shit a little lame, a little forced and the whole thing very bullshit, makes no difference because she’s here, her music gets played and she’s going to be around for awhile.

That said, just because I accept that she’s around, doesn’t mean that I accept her to be a woman. I am convinced that just throwing the name “Lady” in her name, is some over compensation shit to further trick us into thinking she’s got a vagina, you know like how could she have a dick if her name is Lady Gaga, kinda thing. Not to mention, she has a busted man face, stupid wigs, stupid costumes, a raspy dick suckin’ voice and looks like she’s wearing a fucking diaper under her leotard while acting like a gay dude’s rendition of a fabulous glamorous woman.

Now, I guess I could be wrong, and she could just have unfortunate genes, but whatever she is, she’s definitely here to stay, so get used to it and turn on her song “Poke her Face” while you fantasize about her tits, just the way she used get her face poked in the gay club bathrooms while jerking her own dick, before she had to tuck it away for fame….

Here she is kickin’ of her North American tour…

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