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Adrienne Bailon is Some Disney Chick “Naked” of the Day

Here’s some Adrienne Bailon chick who was in some band called 3LW and now the Cheetah Girls, which is some Disney shit you’ve probably jerked off to, but I’ve never seen it because I am wholesome like that, and because I don’t have TV.

There are some naked pictures of her, or almost naked shots of her ass, which is nice, and probably why black guys go crazy for her, but it doesn’t take away from that broken down face. Not to mention, I don’t see pussy lip or tits, so they are hardly nude pics, but more a hope to get some more exposure, so she doesn’t have to work for wholesome Disney anymore and can go onto some new sexier roles….or some shit…and who really cares, I know I don’t.

What I do know is that her tween girl fans are going to be getting busy on their webcam’s tonight to do their idol proud…and now all of a sudden Adrienne Bailon is a household name, at least a single males who live in their mom’s basement and pretend to look for a job all day, while they are really jerking off to shitty personal pics of shitty Disney Channel celebrities….

I hear she’s going nuts suing people, so this cunt may be the end of me, literally, but I am posting them anyway. I like to live dangerously like that.

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Miley Cyrus Leaving Disney Smiling of the Day

So Miley Cyrus left Disney with a big smile on her face. Maybe she went in to collect her money and she realized that she can now buy the world, but I like to think the executives gave her an amazing orgasm, you know with their adult sized dicks and the skill they have from all their years of fuckin’ chicks and the fact that the whole thing is seen as being so wrong by the rest of the world, but so right when it’s going down on their desk, it’s just something the 15 year old boys she lets up in her on the regular really can’t compete with.

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Disney Advertises on Smut Sites of the Day

The most wholesome family corporation fucks up again. First, Walt Disney was caught molesting kids after taking them to his magic kingdom and showing them special cartoons he drew for them on his penis, true story my grandmother told me he did it to her. Then they made Nazi propaganda videos for Hitler to help kill the jews who were stepping on Disney’s Waspy toes in Hollywoo. Then they were accused of subliminal messages in they movies trying to program kids to hate black people and gays and now they advertise next to porn.

I was scoping out some celebrity smut site that pretty much only posts celebrity nudity, sex tapes, nipple slips and upskirts next to some seriously desperate, virginal commentary and I was pretty shocked to see Goofy staring back at me.

I guess the real reason why I am posting this is because I think my site is more softcore than the smut other sites post, I think it is less offensive but I am red flagged as a porn site and can never land a mainstream deal, like alcohol companies, movie companies, video game companies, so I will never make big money off this shit. Meanwhile, assholes doing the same fuckin’ thing as me but with less finesse according to me and who give the illusion of being SFW by putting stars on a dick and nipple and cunt but still post the dirty version a click away, so that you see full dick are getting these Disney Deals.

Sure what it really comes down to is that I am bad at business, and I don’t really know what I am doing. So good for this site for tricking this system and cashing in on it, but I still think someone at Disney should get fired because seeing their image next to smut is something that I know I find offensive. I am pretty sure their Christian, right winged loyal Disney fans, the kind of bitch who lives alone and collects Mickey Mouse merchandise, wouldn’t approve of.

The reality is that this smut angle could be Disney’s new way of re-inventing themselves. You know first they get Jamie Lynn spears teenage pregnant and now they post next to celebrity nudity, next thing you know they’ll be producing sex tapes, which would make sense since it worked for Paris. I guess this is a glimpse into the future of the world…it will be a debauchery HIV filled mess,because you know when Disney sponsors sex tape sites, the end of the future of our kids is near and I am excited….

Here are some screenshots of this highly offensive Disney campaign:

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