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Hot Mom Kate Beckinsale at the Doctors of the Day

I have a thing for hanging outside of the Doctor’s office down the street from me because I don’t have a TV and I can let my imagination go wild as bitches roll through the fucking place. I see them in the waiting room and I try to determine why they are there. Is it because of a yeast infection, or a horrible STD, are they spotting, or late on their period, do they feel a lump in their tit, or are they getting an aborition, is there a pregnancy exam going on, has she accidentally lost a condom or dildo inside her, or are they there for an innocent ailment but the doctor steps up the creepy and insists on digging through their pussy for answers….as far as I’m concerned it’s never because of a flu, cold, cut that needs stitches, sprained ankle, or shitting issues or even medicinal marijuana prescriptions cuz that would make my afternoons at the walk in clinic way more fucking boring than they already are….not to mention far less sexy….

So I don’t know why hot mom Kate Beckinsale is at the doctor, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s got to do with her hot mom pussy….cuz why else would a bitch go to a doctor….Seriously….

Pics via Fame

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Ashley Greene Goes to the Doctor of the Day

Here are some pictures of Ashley Greene, or The Bitch Who Came Out of No Where and Everyone Seems to be Talking About, as I like to refer to her….and she’s going to the Doctor. I don’t know about you but when I see a girl going into or coming out of a Doctor’s office, I always wonder why she is in there. Could it be getting a routine check up, or does it have more to do with something disgusting and embarrassing that she needs sorted the fuck out. Maybe it’s a vaginal issue or infection, or an STD, maybe it’s got to do with her shitting and how irregular it is, or it could even be an aboriton, yeah it’s probably an abortion, I mean I guess that would explain the mom jeans….like a tribute to what could have been….you know something way more substantial than a lump of fleshy muck in the doctor’s vaccuum cleaner…..

Pics via INF

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Bridget Marquardt Goes to the Doctor of the Day

Today is a boring day, so I figure I’ll keep the boring going with pictures of Bridget Marquardt lookin like shit at her doctor’s office and the reason I am posting it has something to do with her being a Playboy star who Heff made his his hired girlfriend, but I am also posting it out of excitement because there are so many reasons I whore could be hitting up a doctor. The most obvious would be plastic surgeon to adjust her tits, or rebuild her vagina, you know because she’s all hollywood and shit, but I like to think she’s at the doctor getting the cancer cells burnt off her cervix like the ravaged with HPV kind of girl she is, or maybe she’s there getting an abortion, which would explain her smile, cuz everyone knows what unwanted pregnancy can do to your career as a girl marketed as someone everyone would want to fuck, except me, because I don’t think she’s really got it going on and I won’t let the media concvince me that she does.

Here are the shitty pics.

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