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Hey Girls, What’s Your Number of the Day


I have a funny little sweatshop, where I sell really random t-shirts, in what I like to call a failed, mismanaged, terrible mess, that reminds me that I am a drunk, useless and unable to peddle merch like I was a rock and roll band, because who the fuck would wear something I put out there…from nuns giving blowjobs, to my face on a shirt…that goes over well for my zero fucking fans…but the “Hey Girls, What’s Your Number?” shirt…is the all time favorite, the shirt I thought no one would buy that sold out…

Vagina Chart Shirt …with model and busty babe @Myrlande12 – showing you her vagina for you to figure out her fucking number…and it’s MAGICAL…

DrunkenSweatShop and VAGINA CHART SHIRT

DrunkenSweatShop and VAGINA CHART SHIRT

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Anastasia Ashley Rockin’ her stepSHIRT of the Day

Anastasia Ashley may not be your conventional babe. She’s athletic not anorexic. She’s got real tits not implants, and the only eating shit that we know of is on the wave when she’s surfing professionally, and not in the bathroom of some Beverly Hills Mansion for some rich dude who is paying for her, like all these other hookers I talk about.

She is perfection, maybe even a dream girl sent from heaven to win my heart…like a trip to Disneyworld brings joy to a kid dying of cancer….she is the make a wish foundation for my cold dead heart…and I am not just saying that because she’s wearing a Drunkenstefather stepSHIRT …I am saying that because it is true.

She’s goin’ places, unfortunately none of those places are into my anal sex dungeon in may basement, where I’d feed her twice a day in the cage she’s held captive in, if you know what I mean, because you can’t spell true love or real passion without forced imprisonment…I am just a romantic like that…cages in basements are no different than actual marriage…other than less cheating on each other with the neighbors…because there are no neighbors in cages in the basement…and sometimes cages in basements are the only way to get your point across and or anal sex….

I don’t know what I’m saying, but I do know I would love to get this girl pregnant…and never leave her side…even if this is as good as it gets…her wearing one of my shirts…never to be heard from again…at least we’ve had this moment…which is okay cuz I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life…

I’ve peaked.

Get your own stepSHIRT to slaughter at Drunkensweatshop.com

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stepGIRL Plays Dead in a stepSHIRT of the Day

I didn’t kill my wife for a viral facebook status update, I just make my #stepGIRLS play dead half naked in their DrunkenSweatshop.com shirt

Not because I am a necrophiliac, or even because I think that dude who killed his wife and posted it to facebook is funny, but because it’s fuckin’ hot…

Not to mention, if they play dead well enough, like if they really commit to the role…they don’t say no…

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DrunkenSweatshop StepSHIRTS of the Day

Modeled by ALCMAC614

Don’t forget to stepSHIRT into the future….it is better to stepSHIRT than to stepSHART….stepSHIRTS may be made for guys….but are far hotter on Girls….Get up on the movement….you clowns….

Modeled by ALCMAC614

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Lane Sisters for DrunkenStepfather of the Day

Last week…I wrote a post about a set of sisters…called the Lane Sisters, who have sex with each other in porn…As far as I am concerned, they are taking over the porn industry…one incestuous touch at a time….while perverts like me are fucking loving the idea of it….because it is the best idea ever….sisters on my dick…sucking each other’s tits….now that’s special ….you know really grasping the essence of family…and how important it is in all aspects of your life…from career…to personal…to sex….

Well…it turns out they are French Canadian…which made total sense to me …as someone who lives in French Canada….and it turns out a friend of a friend of a friend saw the post….cuz the site is awesome….showed it to them…..leading to this email….an email I like to call a magical email sent from the heavens….


I’m a big fan of your site. Me and my sister are amateur pornstars and wanted to send some pictures of us wearing your t shirts and you can post them on your site :))

would this be possible?.

xxx Shana


Which naturally got me off the fucking couch for this photoshoot….cuz pornstars…especially sisters…who fuck together have that affect on my laziness…

So I got them in
…..and this is what happened….

Sure, it’s tame…but remember….dreams do come true…all you have to do is blog about it….and magical things end up happening…


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American Girls Show their Pride for DrunkenSweatshop…..of the Day

Oh Say Can You See…a couple of Hot American Babes….serving their country right….all in exchange for a stepSHIRt…..

These amazing stepGIRLS can be found on instagram koos_ and

Now it is your turn to show your american pride like these babes….by getting a DRUNKENSWEATSHOP AMERICAN FLAG STEPSHIRT

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Veronica Vice for DrunkenSweatshop’s American Flag stepShirt of the Day

Guess who made the best fucking t-shirts that all the hot, busty babes…from hookers to rich chicks…models…to crackheads….celebrities to no names…tweens to milf…are gonna be wearing…or wanting to wear after having sex with you, probably unprotected, just to get closer to me…

If you guessed me….then you win…absolutely nothing but the chance to buy one or 20 of these amazingly soft, silky, top quality t-shirts…that make a great thing to wipe up your sperm with…after fucking hot girsl…cuz you’re never gonna take it off…cuz you are a slob..but more importantly cuz this shirt is HOTNESS….

The model is lovely, naked and naughty VERONICA VICE …who’s boobs I grabbed…

Now buy one, two, three or TWENTY…best holiday gift EVER

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