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DynastyLoveYou Pussy Dance of the Day

DynastyLoveYou ….is a legend of instagram..

She is the leader of the new generation of the handicapped people making it in America…not that she’s handicapped, since we are all full retard, who barely function and the world is about inclusion..

You now if fat people can be influencers, so can DynastyLoveYou ..

Hence why she’s doing her pussy dance.


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Dynasty Loves You Won Halloween of the Day

I know Halloween is over..I need to give it a rest…but I meant to post this legendary costume last week for the real deal perverts….featuring DynastyLoveYou an Instagram Sensation with close to 700,000 followers who has gone pretty fucking viral because her content is on another level of amazing. I’ve done a post on her before because I have my finger on the pulse of pop culture HERE

This is my favorite influencer. She is all that is right in the world.

I am not too sure what her disability is, but she proves that despite being what a kardashian would call retarded and not lose her show over it, cuz she makes people too much money to get fired….or what nice people would call HADI-CAPABLE which I guess is kind of segregating and objectifying them in their own right….in what I’ll call “I don’t see anything wrong with her”….because we are all God’s Children…created equal and don’t have labels…

But it’s nice to know that a full crazy person can do better than 99 percent of social networking whores who make their INSTA their lives….and can’t even do it as well as the disabled…which is hilarious…

Here she is dancing…

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Dynastyloveyou is Your New Instagram Crush of the Day

Dynastyloveyouis a 21 year old babe…

She’s an instagram influencer that not enough big brands are working with – despite her being a fucking legend in this era of inclusion.

She’s the Kylie Jenner, if Kylie jenner was a deformed crackbaby with some kind of retardation…

She’s hood, and producing all kinds of the same content as all the other sluts out there…you don’t need to be able bodied to pull off their hustle….if anything this is one of those “you’re not that great, a retard could do your job” situations…

Not that I see handicapped people, I see handicapable people. I see talent and hard work and drive that able bodied people don’t have because their lives are so simple and basic…

I also see a fetish…a very weird fucking fetish….so take it in…Dynasty is the future.


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