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Bootleg Easter Photoshoot of the Day


I used to hate these themed photoshoots that famewhores would produce because they figured they would have a better chance getting picked up by the media if they were to do something relevant to whatever the holiday or the event was….

I would just look at the low level model, with low level concepts, doing low level pictures with low level photographers and laugh to myself, ignore them, then see them on a bunch of thirsty for content blogs.

In my years of doing this, I have realized that even the top shoots, the paparazzi pics, and really all content put out by anyone is as desperate and low level as this, soo when I see shit like this…I appreciate it for the raw, terrible, lameness…because it’s just so bad it’s good…rather than so bad trying to be good, pretending it is good, when pictures are just fucking pictures and so easy to capture, even on iphone…

Point being, Nadeea Volianova may be a no one, her ideas may be shit, but they make her look covered in shit and I think that’s amazing…even if it’s fucking disgusting..

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Easter Models Bring the Easter Bunny Porn of the Day

Nothing says Eater, like models posting Thematic pictures to commemorate the day…so here’s A Little ^^^Candice Swanepoel^^^ Bare Ass Easter Bunny Porn

Some ^^^Izabel Goulart Fit^^^ as Fuck Artistic Easter Bunny

Some ^^^Irina Shayk^^^Easter Bunny Porn Lingerie Ears Porn

Some ^^^Miley Cyrus^^^Merging Easter and 420…and failing hard on all fronts…ruining everything for everyone trying to fit in – like she tends to do….

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Easter Insanity of the Day

I couldn’t start today off without something holy to me and that was a rub and tug massage. I got it with my birthday money from some hot young Asian who jerks off dick better than I can or really better than anyone I’ve ever met can, maybe because in the 19 years of her life, she’s been bred to be this master of the dick, you know trained by generations of family secret moves, you know starting off on a banana at the age of 5, when her mother and grandmother who own the place felt she was ready to take it on.

I figure that religion is a whole lot of horseshit and this video of some crazy Catholic image, like people getting crucified to let Jesus know they care, that he is their savior, that he died for their sins. Sure, my name is Jesus, but that doesn’t mean I’m into this shit, give me some cocktails and some tail that does cock and I’ll get down and prey, if by prey she means cum all over her little asian ass for an extra 5 dollars. Word.

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Miley Cyrus Goes to Church on Easter of the Day

Miley Cyrus goes to church on Easter and these are the pictures. I am not sure if the blonde chick is her mom, but I remember seeing her mom in an interview once and it made me want to see the Billy Ray sex tape…but the truth is that I’ve always wanted to see a Billy Ray sex tape. That Achy Breaky Heart tune really spoke to me and I feel the only way I can appreciate it is if I see him hate fuckin’ a bitch after she tells his Achy Breaky heart and it turns out that Billy Ray was right and it just doesn’t understand and does blow up and kill a man…all over her face….right before she wiped it off and put it in a jar in her fridge in the event her aspiring country singin’ lover ever accidentally hit big and that is the story of how Miley came about…

Either way, I wonder what god is going to think of this good little Disney Christian when he finds out that Miley found a loophole and let’s dudes fuck her up the ass because that way she can still technically keep her virginity until marriage since that’s what the church wants out of her. I am sure he’ll be a lot less disappointed that when she realizes that church is a lot less fun than fucking, doing coke and being a total cunt to the world while spending absurd amounts of money on useless shit while the rest of God’s people are dying of starvation.

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